If You Are Thinking Of Pursuing Higher Studies For One Of These Reasons, STOP And RETHINK!

Should I Go For Higher Studies
Should I Go For Higher Studies

Wondering! “Should I Go For higher Studies?” “Should I Leave My Job To Study?” A post-graduation is the minimum qualification nowadays, your education seems incomplete if you have not done higher studies but can experience replace a degree. A PG degree not from abroad is not considered as a PG degree anymore. If not abroad at least get one from the IIMs? Trust me, most of them who pursue higher degrees, don’t even know what they are doing. A good part of them even quit their jobs to study.

Okay, don’t get offensive, I said ‘most’ not all! If you’re not one of them, strike off the below points from your reasons list and see if you still have any left. And if you do have kudos.

Should You Go For Higher Studies For These Reasons?

1. For an ‘Image’ in the society

MS from The USA
MBA from UK
She is very independent, she has gone abroad for higher studies

None of us will accept this right away. We are bound to get offended if this is pointed the reason for our plan to pursue higher in abroad. But take a moment and think. Be true to yourself. There is no such concept called ‘society’ to judge you, it’s all just in your mind. Even otherwise, it does not make sense to spend a fortune in satisfying the so-called society.

should i go for higher studies

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2. To have more than one degree written next to your name

As lame as this sounds, I have met people who tell this as a reason. Nowadays, we don’t write degrees next to our name except for, in the wedding invitation may be? And maybe on the name boards at your workplace and home! I accept that your matrimonial profile gets uplifted by this added bravura. But common, it’s still not a good reason!

should i go for higher studies

3. With a blind hope of earning more

Now, I am earning this much. After higher studies, it is bound to get doubled at least’. Just because this happened to your friend or relative doesn’t mean it can be generalized. If you get your PG degree, it is assumed that you are settled in life. But what does that mean? No one knows. There is nothing wrong in having hopes but just vet them well and make sure you are exactly aware of what you are up to.

should i go for higher studies

4. To fulfill your teenage fantasies

Living alone in a country far from home is a fantasy for most of us. Spoilt by Hollywood and Bollywood movies we have this notion of leading a fun-filled bachelor life in a foreign country. Of course, this can be one of the reasons, but probably the last. What’s better than getting to live your fantasy?

should i go for higher studies

5. In search of an escape from monotony

This is the most common reason people plan for higher studies. ‘I need a break from this numbing work-home routine’, ‘I want a change in life’, ’I don’t know what to do, higher studies seem to be the obvious next’. In search of an escape from one humdrum life don’t fall into another.

should i go for higher studies

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Start schooling at 3 years, finish college/UG by 21 years, complete higher studies by 25, Get married by 26, have children by 27 and REPEAT. Forget the abstract checklist imposed on you. Higher studies come into the picture only when you are deeply interested and passionate in a particular area, you’d like to dive deep into it and are looking to shape a career out of it. If you have not found that kind of passion in a subject, it’s okay. It is okay to be an undergraduate, let life unfold and extract lessons from life itself by living it to the fullest on your own terms. It’s okay to choose not to compete. It’s okay. It really is.

should i go for higher studies

Never do anything just for the sake of it, not when you can actually think for yourself, not now.

Are you also doing higher studies because of these reasons? Should you go for higher studies? Do let us know in the comment section below!