The Seven Creepiest Serial Killers The World Has Ever Seen

They live everywhere around you- from offices to your neighbourhood, schools to churches, hospitals to grocery stores. They can be anyone from your husband to your best friend to your own son or daughter or the cute little boy you saw today morning or the beautiful lady you met last night. They live, love and laugh with us. Evil has no face, no gender, no age, no relation; I am talking about the serial killers who live among us.

Let’s have a look at the seven creepiest serial killers of all the times-

7. Leonarda Cianciulli

She was an Italian serial killer better known as ‘Soap-Maker of Correggio’, she murdered three women between 1939 and 1940. She baked tea cakes and made homemade soap except, her recipe included a secret ingredient- human flesh. But everything she did was to satiate her need to fulfill the power of her superstitions that she got the news of her son Giuseppe was admitted into the Italian army, she believed that the only way to protect her son was by the sacrifice of humans.

Her trick of killing people- She would offer her victims a glass of drugged wine before killing them with an axe. She then used to cut their bodies into small pieces and use for the making of soaps and teacakes, which were presented as gifts to her friends and relatives. She and her husband used to bath with the soaps!

6. Andrei Chikatilo

Also known as ‘The Red Ripper’, ‘The Rostov Ripper’, ‘The Butcher of Rostov’; he was born on 16th October 1992 in the Ukraine state of the USSR.

He was a model student and teacher but sexual dysfunction was one thing that always bothered him. He confessed to raping, murdering and eating more than 50 people for his own sexual pleasure. He did what he did to understand the topic that haunted him at nights so he raped, mutilated and killed his victims to get sexual pleasure out of the violence that happened when he tortured and murdered people.

5. Ed Gein 

Ed was really attached to his mother as a child. His mother, a very pious woman, inculcated in him that the root cause of every evil is a woman. When his mother died, he was grief-stricken. Ed visited cemeteries at night and dug up bodies of middle-aged women in an effort to bring back his dead mother; he also made a “female suit” and claimed he wanted to be a woman. He was also a necrophile. After digging out the corpses of the women from their graves, he used to have sex with them.

When police searched his house, they found, among many other pieces of human anatomy, nine vulvas in a box.

Creepy? That’s nothing, keep scrolling.

4. John Wayne Gacy

Also known as ‘The killer clown’, he assaulted, raped, tortured and killed at least 33 teenage boys and young men between 1972-1978. He buried 26 of his victims in the crawlspace of his home. He was a wealthy businessman, who had the franchise for KFC and was a contractor as well. He took part in many of the charitable events of the society like fundraising events, parades and children’s parties where he would dress as ‘Pogo, the clown’, a character he devised himself.He was also a community volunteer. He was caught after the family of 15 years old Robert Piest, his last victim, filed his missing complaint to police and on searching, an eyewitness told police that he saw Robert with him near a departmental store from where Robert sat in his car and both went away. Gacy was sentenced to death on 13th March 1980 and was executed by lethal injection on 10th May 1994. So, not every serial killer is a person who likes to keep a low profile and behaves like a quiet, introvert guy.

3. Jeffrey Dahmer

He was an American serial killer, necrophile, rapist, and a sadist. Also known by the famous name of ‘The Milwaukee Cannibal’, he is thought to assault, torture, rape, murder and eat 17 young men. When he was a kid, he loved to play with dead animal bones. He’d go out and collect roadkill, then clean and bleach the bones.

He lured his victims into his apartment and drugged them before chopping them and eating them up. When arrested in 1991, at the age of 30, police found three human heads chilling in the freezer next to hot pockets and ice cream.

The inmate who killed Dahmer, a schizophrenic man named Christopher Scarver, told the “New York Post” that one of his reasons was because Dahmer made mini-sculptures resembling human limbs out of his food in jail.

What’s weird is the fact that he killed just to satiate his urgent needs of dominating others and keeping them, or just a part of them under his control.

2. Albert Fish

Born on 19th May, his real name was Howard Hamilton Fish but he grew up to be famously called as ‘The Werewolf’, ‘The Boogey Man’, ‘The Brooklyn Vampire.’ He grew up in an orphanage where he was introduced to drinking urine and eating feces, not a good start I would say. He moved to New York in 1890 and became a male prostitute where he started raping young boys, mostly under the age of six. He once went to a museum with one of his friends where he saw a statue with a bifurcated penis, it attracted him so much that he decided to try it and so determined he was that he tried that on his very first victim.

He had a butcher’s knife, a meat cleaver and a bone saw which he used to torture, mutilate and murder young children.

What was even creepier was the fact that for every single murder he committed, he would send a letter, to the victim’s family, graphically describing how he killed them!

He was executed via electrocution at Sing Sing prison in New York at 1936.

And now, the guy who tops the list of most hated serial killers of all the time; you will soon know why.

1. Edmund Kemper- The Co-ed killer/butcher

He was a 6 feet 9 inches tall guy with a weight of 114 Kg or 250 Ibs and an IQ of 130. He was diagnosed with violent schizophrenia. At the age of 13, he murdered his paternal grandmother and when asked why he did what he did, he said, “Just wanted to see what it felt like to kill grandma.” After killing his grandmother, he went on to kill his grandpa fearing his reaction when he will find out about the murder. He was sent to a children’s mental asylum.

At 21, he was released from Psychiatric care, moved in with his mother and began killing hitchhikers and engaging in necrophilia with their corpses. After killing 6 of them, he went on to kill his own mother after a heated fight with her. He killed her by beating her with a claw hammer, decapitated her; had sex with her head and used it as a dartboard. He also invited his mom’s friend and killed her too!

Getting death penalty was his childhood fantasy but fate is not so merciful, at the time of the trial of his case; capital punishment was banned in California. He got life sentence though. Recently, he was asked about how he had been feeling and he replied: “I am more than happy here and I never want to get out of jail.”

Hope you will not see everyone with a question in your mind and a doubt in your heart! ;P (Though I know you will) Good Luck!

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