Serendipity (Part 2)

“Fate always finds some way to bless you or teach you a lesson, or sometimes both.” Debu was thinking this on the Monday morning just after a week when he met a new person by the miracle of technology. He received a message from Akriti three days ago that she was busy with exams and would talk to him on the coming Monday. He was sipping some coffee while he was checking her profile on Facebook for the third time since morning, just to find traces of her coming online. He had got his plaster cut the day before but still had crepe bandage on as suggested by his orthopedic surgeon. He could walk a little now but can’t play or run till a week more.

Hello Debu! How have you been?” a message on his phone lit him up with joy. He replied “Hello Akriti! I am good and certainly not got much old waiting for you.” This was the dawn of a new beginning. Good or bad he didn’t know, but he was mesmerized by the vibe. Few days went by knowing each other, like food habits, choice of pets and about family. She was about to go on a family holiday to Dalhousie. So he told her to send him some pictures too. She sent a message, “Dalhousie is beautiful.” This was not it; she sent pictures of her playing with snow and embracing the scenic beauty of the mountains. Debu downloaded them all and gazed at her astounding beauty. She had the brightest smile on her face and with a pinch of mischief in her eyes; she posed perfectly for the camera.

“Your eyes are so deep”, said he.

“Depth depends on how much you perceive”, she replied.

“Yes and also what you seek, I love truthful eyes; those which don’t lie.”

It was a voice from the darkest room of his heart, where he had been alone for long. It was later that night when curious side of him messaged her new lady-love again.

“What if I am teleported to Dalhousie right now?” he said. “If I would be, I don’t want to be teleported to your hotel, but to some random place so that I would find you by my own.”

She read the message and replied with a heart emoticon. “Stop talking already, my heart is beating fast.”

They had some connection for sure. Every now & then when they talked, their hearts were like firestones which lit up the world around them when rubbed.

“I fell for you so bad, even better than the last time”, said he.

“Love isn’t about falling actually, it is about rising. Life is a journey and every one of us has one story each. Add as many chapters you want, but the overall content remains unchanged”, she replied.

He was spellbound and replied, “Then I want you to be the most read chapter of my story.”

They both started to get comfortable. Debu felt he has found the one he was waiting for and things would be perfect from now on. Akriti has just started though. She had a more mature approach to life and was letting things take time.

“It’s been three days since she’s back from Dalhousie, why she isn’t replying to my texts. Something has happened. I guess I did something wrong.” He was worried as it was the third day since he heard anything from her. He dropped texts which were not replied.

Anxious by the gesture, he messaged some serious stuff, “Akriti, I am really worried now. Say something, at least what’s happening with you.”

She replied “dad’s being ill and I am really tensed.”

He got more worried and thought of calling her, but he acknowledged it would be a bad idea as there must be a lot of people around her. But he wanted to tell her to be strong so he just replied with a get well soon message and tried not to disturb her as she would be busy taking care of her father. He knew she was strong and would handle the situation calmly.

More days went by, now he started to over think. “Did she forget me? Is her dad alright? Should I call her?” Many questions were messing with his head and on the same time he didn’t want to make a wrong move as he thought she would message on her own when things will be fine maybe.

One day he lost it and messaged, “Doc! How’s your dad? Where are you?”

“He is fine now and I am back to college today, holidays over. I was travelling since yesterday so all tired today. How are you?” Akriti said to him.

He felt insecure that why she didn’t reply this before. He was certainly unhappy with that gesture and asked her angrily, “Do you find it tough to reply? I sent several messages; it’s after ages you replied. I was actually worried like hell.”

She said, “I disappear like this more often. And I was much stressed the last few days, I had to get back to college that too alone. I did it for the first time and bus journey ended up being very tiring.”

Debu was still not happy as he found himself underrated. “I couldn’t stop thinking about her and look at her, she is so easy-going like nothing happened”, he thought but replied in a non-dramatic way, “Get some sleep, today is Sunday. We’ll talk later.”

Two days more passed by with she being much unintended to talk to him, just replying the formal okay and hmm. He was getting fueled up by anxiety of losing her interest in him. He used to see her online, but she would just come and go, either just replying formally or just go making him feel unnoticed. “I’ll not talk to you too, and if I get lucky that you text me on your own, I would be online and chat with some random guy I’ve not talked in years but not you”, he wrote an emotional message which sent her the message that he was not happy with her.

“Are you upset with me?” she replied after a while.

He gazed on the message and replied, “Yes. What do you expect?”

She replied, “Everyone is upset with me, Dad, Harshita(her best friend) and you.”

He replied “It doesn’t make you feel maybe you were wrong at some place, at least some people who are really close to you have some right to know about your well being in spite of being ignored?

She replied, “I have not ignored anybody. I reached college day before yesterday. Monday went by in attending shifts and cleaning up my room. I shifted my room from 4th floor to 1st. Today I went out for some shopping after the posting; I haven’t eaten anything since I am back while I was planning to make some Maggie. But I thought I would talk to three of you before. I don’t even claim my personal space for now too. And then too I have to take all this yelling? Why? I could have borrowed sometime for me instead.”

A silence which had a scream so loud broke between the two while Debu read all of it. Debu felt bad and understood the fact that she really didn’t intend a gesture like that on her own but was busy. He felt guilty of yelling at her just because she was not able to reply to his messages, which was selfish. He felt a feeling of affection and care for the first time since they talked and thought of her side. First time in that moment he actually kept his satisfaction of the infatuation aside and tried to understand her situation. He felt sorry for himself, that he was blubbering all this time that he loved her and failed to understand her.

He called her and expecting a burst out of emotions, he said sorry as the call was picked. She laughed. He then explained all what he felt to her; she listened to him calmly and told him, “Never assume things as it makes everything difficult. It’s not like I didn’t wish to talk to you, I was just so preoccupied these days that I actually didn’t have time to react. I take time because it’s my tendency to keep things simple and real. Please smile now.”

He felt something more than just violins playing in the background. For the first time he was feeling understanding and trust too. Maybe this incident killed the insecurity. Maybe this was the right start? Maybe he realized a small part of what love is in real, in that moment. He without wasting any time told her to please have her Maggie peacefully and said sorry again.

“She is something more than just a girl I fell for. Maybe it’s the start I’ve wished for all the time. I feel connected to her in a new way. I tend to understand her now rather than just winning her. She was not a game in which I would win. Maybe she happened to me to make me understand what really is being in love. I felt “we” for the first time. She is both a blessing to me which I would be thankful for always and full of lessons to my imperfections. Maybe she was the palette full of bright colors to paint my hoary world with her aura. Akriti Bhatnagar, I think I really have started loving you.” He thought as he gazed in the night sky from his balcony.

Thanks for all the love and support for part 1, I hope you guys like this one too. Happy Reading!

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