Serendipity (Part 1)  


It was the month of February in the beautiful city of love: Dehradun, India; when he was sitting on his recliner at home and craving for some weekend blast with his college friends which he knew can’t be done as it was his 2nd week since he got his leg fractured and was home bound. He was able to make small movements now but it wasn’t enough to head out. As he was searching for some past time, he installed a dating app he came to know about recently. He made some coffee while the app got installed and sat again comfortably while registering his profile. ‘Debojit Roy’ as the name read, he uploaded some of his coolest photos from his phone and wrote a bio “Being totally strangers is the first step of finding someone worth dying for, don’t you think? “. ‘Debu’ as friends & family would call him was an upcoming civil engineer in his final year of college and like every second engineer in the country was single.

He managed to dig some great profiles on the app. He stopped at a profile which had a photo of a girl standing on a hill peak and looking at the city lights of Dehradun which is being carried in the lap of dazzling snowy mountains & her bio read life’s a party and I just exist in the moment completely… Need a guy who could make me wild as life’s too short to not be kinky. “Well honey if you were existing in the moment completely, you wouldn’t be here searching for someone just to satisfy your estrogen levels. But for the sake of my testosterone, I’ll give you a super like.” He giggled with a mischievous thought. Though he knew she would never care to swipe him right in return but being an engineer it’s a sin to not try on a girl who is too hot to handle. Then he continued checking onto some more profiles and stopped at one again. She was tall, slim and had a smile so scintillating on her face that could make guys run for their shades. He felt his heart certainly pumped double the blood, he felt like he wasted his super like on that kinky girl and would get unlucky with this one. He never felt that vibe before just by seeing a photo. He crossed his fingers and swiped right hoping she would do the same in return. “It’s a match” read the app, “you can now chat with Akriti Bhatnagar”.

He was never more cheerful and jumped saying yay! He was so excited about the match that he almost forgot his paining leg; suddenly he got the same adrenaline rush as he got from the last year trek to Triund remembering the pink sky during sunset at the cliff, with cold breeze playing with his face. Rushing to the chat box he typed “Hi Akriti!” and before could realize anything pushed the send button. He then followed with a “you look so beautiful” compliment to make a good first impression. “First impression is the last impression; did I make a good one? What she might be thinking?” said he with a sudden anxiety being build up. He got a notification and opened it up as fast as a flash. It was her, who then replied with a “hi!” and attached a blushing smile emoticon. “Dang! She blushed which means she liked the compliment”, he thought with a bright giggle. “You look handsome too Debojit”, she added. His cheeks got pink as he was having a stud moment, “Is this for real?” he pinched himself. Curious about more of the new center of buoyancy in the ocean of affection, he asked her “What do you do, Akriti?” and she replied “I am a medical student pursuing MBBS & about to go in final year after the profs”. “Well you have great scope in cardiology in the future!” he left the arrow out the bow with a flirty reply. “Nice try! LOL” she added with a laughing out loud emoticon. “What’s there to laugh at, I just said what I felt.” He inquired with a nervous smiley. “And I liked it Debojit”, she replied gracefully acing the conversation. “You can call me Debu as my friends do Akriti and add me on Facebook using the link in bio as I want to know you more and tell you more about me too”, he added. “I want to you to be the brightest star in the sky of my life.” His confidence was at the peak. “Are you always that flattering?” she replied with a friend request on Facebook. He added her instantly and said “No it’s the first time.” She replied with a laugh and went offline.

Well wow! What a day! I think I am the luckiest person on the planet right now. She is so stunning, and the way she smiles takes my heart to cloud nine. She is like an ode of love in the book of my life, which came so sudden but yet made me fall for her so bad.” He was never as happy as he was right now and craved for more of her for the future and in the middle of all this wasted a good cup of coffee as he didn’t concentrate on the coffee for a single second. But yes he wanted something new to come in, as he was walking in the ruins of no love with no one there by his side whom he can confess all his odds, go wild with and be free.

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week!

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Shivam Tripathi
I hail from the city of temples, ghats and Ganga: Varanasi. An engineer by profession, it's the admiration of arts, culture and the strive to change what I feel wrong is what motivates me to write. It doesn't mean I am bad with the engineering thing by anyways, LOL. Just a little creativity in the simplest of things makes it beautiful. I love to read good books with some coffee and favourite tracks from the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd till late hours of the night. I love to constantly challenge myself, as I am my greatest competition and the only one.