Self-Harm: It Doesn’t Kill Just One Person, It Kills Many

Self Harm

Today I picked up the newspaper and started reading it which is one thing that happens rarely. First thing was the violence, then it was self-harm. There was so much written on how for one bad person so many people stood up and harmed so many others. Then there was a whole page written about the blue whale challenge. Don’t worry this isn’t about that. This is about why people choose to harm themselves.

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Often we are insensitive towards how sensitive people are. We forget whatever we find normal might hurt them and that is where this starts. They feel unimportant and ignored.
Maybe they think that hurting themselves or killing themselves will end the pain but it doesn’t.

Every little detail can give them pain but what they do to end it is no option because that won’t end the pain, it’ll just pass it on to the people who care about them.

Sherlock Holmes was right when he said, “Taking your own life? Interesting expression, taking it from whom? Your own death is something that happens to everybody else. Your life is not yours, keep your hands off it.”

Because suicide doesn’t kill just one person, it kills many.

So from now on, think before you say, take care of yourself first as you cannot pour from an empty cup and just when you think of hurting yourself; think of how it would hurt everyone you love.

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Don’t take a step towards harm but take one towards someone who can help. Talk to someone who can calm your storm and bring you back in sunshine from beneath the dark clouds. There are people who love you whether you know it or not for they may not tell you always but they’ll show you always.

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