Seduction Is Not Just About Physical Attraction. It’s A Lot More.

By traditional definitions seduction means physical attraction, right? WRONG! Seduction has much more depth to it than just momentary attraction, it is but the art of creating the much needed “chemistry” in both singular, and public relations. Attraction is platonic, more clearly short termed, but obsession is the key to this game. The trick is to strategically place down such rules in order to gain the long lasting attention of those around you.

Seduction in modern day is not only used to attract the one person you want but to create a desire, influence and turning tables to your favor from those around you. Sounds dark? indeed it is! What if I tell you famous public figures like John F. Kennedy, Adolf Hitler, Marilyn Monroe, Oscar Wilde etc., to name a few, influenced or more so, seduced the masses into loving them with their charm, their unique persona.

They possessed such qualities or they made sure they acquired such personal attributes that played with the emotions of the people in a way that made them love them, be obsessed upon on a greater scale. Doesn’t seem that dark now does it? *smirk*

Seduction is the key to being considered desired on a level higher than others, to put oneself on a pedestal unattainable by your peers, to make people think they have fallen in love with you. It is the seduction of mind more than the body. Why is that one person you absolutely desire, unattainable? Because they have that rare unique personality that draws you into them and no matter what you do they seem a step ahead right? The good news is anyone of us with proper discipline and right tools can possess such a personality too!

I recently read a book for *research purposes only* (ahem, *cough*) by Robert Green, ‘The Art Of Seduction’ and I present to you the key highlights of the book that I deciphered in my own sweet way and found quite intriguing. Read along and use the right tools if you want to influence people at work, school, social gatherings or just to grab that “one” person’s mind (Great! I sound too cheesy now.)

1. Paying Attention To Details

The key here is to be very attentive in identifying the characteristics of your targets. Any person trying to please you or charm you is only playing to your vanity which is short lived and will extinguish after momentary flare ups, instead pay greater attention to things that are out of conscious control like the body language, composure, a blush, the unusual shyness around you, flash of resentment towards you or involuntary mirroring of your gestures by your targets.

This is how you know you have a little effect on the person letting you know they are open to your influence and later on this can let you play along strategically, so as to magnify your effect on them. Besides it is a known fact people are self-absorbed and it is quite flattering if you pay great attention to what they say, act or behave around you and if they realize you pay great attention to them like nothing else matters, they are more likely to be drawn to you giving you a chance to know your targets well.

In case of public appearances or say mass seduction, it is very important to understand the vibe and emotions of the mass as if it was one entity you were trying to entertain, understand and absorb the ambiance of the situation when you enter a room so you know what you have to deliver in order to gain their acceptance. So absorb notice and be very attentive to the details flying around you.

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2. Hear But Don’t Share

The key idea is to lend an ear to the problems, worries, dilemmas, achievements, success, life stories, etc of your targets. Give them all the attention they are looking for, put them in the limelight so they depend on your compliments for their narcissistic validation, although never overdo it for there lies a thin line between flattery and genuine compliment and if your targets sense you are only flattering them, you will end up creating a resistance from them and they shall stop taking you seriously.

While putting your targets on the limelight make sure to share very minimum about yourself, yes we all know that being mysterious is the key tool but how many of us actually exercise it in the right way and the right time. Always remember to keep a distance when it comes to sharing about your personal life, the lesser they know the more they will want to know. (Never let them know your weaknesses but lend an ear to their’s so you know how to maneuver it to your strength)

They will be inquisitive about you and how you are when you are alone, what makes you tick and so on. The highlight here is to be like the pages of a book, never releasing things in one go but in a slow flow so they are always glued to you.

3. Keep A STRONG Hold On Your Emotions

If you are too quick on exhibiting your emotions in the initial stages of seduction, you will come across as “coming on too strong” which might create a sense of mistrust amongst your targets. Ever come across a scenario when the guy/girl told you they love you, feel for you or are highly attracted to you just after few meet ups? And you are like, “Woah! hold your horses, I barely know you, how’s that even possible?”. Yup, you got my point.

Always learn to disguise your feelings instead let them figure it out themselves. They will design their own conclusions and


inferences, and because people trust their own judgment more than others they will trust their instincts more, all you have to do is smartly lay out the path that leads them to those emotions, on the plus side it adds to the pleasure of the game.

Ninon de l’Enclos, a 17th-century courtesan in the book says, “A man should never declare his feelings too early for a woman. A woman is much better persuaded that she is loved by what she guesses than by what she is told”, as for men give them space to think about your subtle hints and gestures by spacing out at the right time and moment, like Ed Sheeran’s song Shape of you, where he sings “push and pull like magnets do”.

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In all areas of life never let people know you are aiming for something with them, make sure to approach people from the side by muting your colors, blending in, never seem threatening and you will have more room to maneuver later on. The book says like a spider web, the longer the web takes to be constructed the more fabulous it is. The spider never chases, it sits and waits for its food to come to it on its own. Have patience on your emotions and WAIT. *wink*

4. Sending Out The Mixed Signal Move

For a more long term effect, ambiguity has more power, a mix of qualities suggest you have more depth than what meets the eye. It confuses but it draws more people in because they are intrigued. Be very hard to figure out. The seductive process often involves giving vague ideas of your behavioral pattern (although make it very subtle or people might confuse it with you having a bipolar personality, LOL, bwahaha *choke* ahem)


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Let their mind create an image of you which is often more colourful, it is like those who enjoy reading a book more than watching a movie because it gives a sense of imagination according to your likings more than what is showed through someone else’s eyes.

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