7 Differences Between Dating In School vs. Dating In College

School Dating Vs. College Dating

School and College days can be considered one of the best period of a person’s life. They are fun and adventurous – you learn to fall and get up back again. School is more of a protective place, and in College – it is more of handling your own responsibilities. It obviously is a beginning to an exciting, new journey ahead. A lot changes in a very short amount of time, and well so does our dating habits.

So here are a few things which differentiate school and college dating:

1. Clarity of choice

When you are in school, the entire idea is based more on the concept of curiosity than anything else. You realize you’re growing up and you want to understand what this is all about because you just want to know. So you often don’t think too much when you date someone.

school dating vs college dating

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However, in college, you aren’t confused or curious anymore. You know the fundamentals, and you exactly know what you want. You manage to figure out what you are into and that is how you choose a person to date.

2. Significance in your social sphere

It’s a “hush-hush” scenario in school. It is mostly kept as a secretive matter. If two people are found dating, it becomes a topic of gossip amongst the other classmates. Everyone is interested to know what’s happening between the two and why they fought and even fake rumours are thrown around.

school dating vs college dating

College takes dating more lightly than school. It is not a big deal and you can even find couples holding hands and walking around the campus. Not that there is no gossiping at all, but well, most people don’t really care.

3. Approach towards it

Dating and relationships are very shadowy and superficial ideas in young minds in the school. Some take it way too seriously; some take it way too lightly. The approach towards dating is not realistic or mature.

school dating vs college dating

Things get serious after some time in college. You realize the pace of life and that you’re speeding ahead and so you think about it and have more realistic and thoughtful judgement towards your dating preferences.

4. Options

School confines us to a very limited social group of people. We have schools and tuitions, that’s it. So basically there’s just these people in your life and so your options are limited. Also, there are many restrictions from parents, teachers. You don’t explore because well- you just can’t!

school dating vs college dating

First and foremost, there is a lot of public in college. There are clubs and number of other activities which allows you to meet new people. And hence, you have, obviously, more options than school. You can explore and search for someone with mutual interests!

5. Experience

We’re naïve when in school. And since it’s our beginnings, we often make silly mistakes. Basically, we are not experienced since we have no idea as to what to do in some situations and how to handle them.

school dating vs college dating

In college, however, you are a little bit more self-aware along with an exposure to new people. So it often balances it off. You know what you want and what to do to make it up or when to walk away.

6. Time Management

There is a definite timetable you follow throughout your day during school. There are fixed timings for almost everything so it’s easy to schedule your plans when you’re dating.

school dating vs college dating

There is no fixed timing for anything in college. So you have to keep your time management game strong when you’re dating in college. You need to juggle your work, extra-curricular activities, friends, family and relationship.

7. Beyond the “commitment”

It is a very unclear picture for most of us in the school of what we want to do further. So most promises made are broken into pieces. There is not much thinking about how we want to deal with it.

school dating vs college dating

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Reality hits in college and all of us are running to pursue our goals. We start seeing a clearer image of everything and when it comes to dating, we know where we see any relationship ahead.

Are you able to relate to this article? Share your experience of school dating vs college dating with us in the comment section below!

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