An Interview With Sapan Saxena, The Man Behind Finders, Keepers

Sapan Saxena started writing blogs in the year 2011 and had a loyal group of readers who encouraged him to write a novel. Sapan graduated his engineering degree at Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad.

I had the great opportunity to interview Sapan Saxena about his debut novel ‘Finders, Keepers’ and his writing career. Here is how the interview went.

1) What inspired you to become an author? 

“While I was blogging, a lot of my readers asked me to write a book and I thought it would be a good idea. That’s how I began to write my first novel.”

That’s nice.

2) Have you ever been turned down with your ideas before?

“No one turned down but there was a social stigma that whenever I post my ideas to my friends and family, no one used to take that seriously. But I shoot myself up to be serious about it and they began to be serious as well. In the publishing industry, no one turned down as my first book picked up quick.”

sapan saxena

3) How did the public react for your first novel, ‘Finders, Keepers’? Was there any negative reaction and if so, how did you deal with it?

“Mostly on the social circle, people were quite happy and proud of the fact that I’ve published my first book and my book also received positive comments. The only negative thing about the entire thing is that people usually appreciate you becoming an author but no one is really pushed to buy the book.”

4) Are you planning to make this novel into a series? 

“My first book was based on historical elements, my second book is surrounding romance. So, I’m not planning to build up a series but with my books, I’m trying to be as different as possible. I’m trying to write as many genres as possible.”

That’s great, sir.

5) What genre of books do you enjoy reading?

“I personally like to read mythological fiction something which Amish Tripathi started. I myself would love to write something like that.”

6) What made you create a rendition of the Shah Rukh Khan movie ‘Fan’?

“I’m a big fan of him since 25 years. During the release, he started a competition of Dubsmash and I didn’t want to take part of Dubsmash, so I created another idea of dancing outside and the camera work turned out pretty good. I then shared it with my Shah Rukh Khan fan circle and they liked it a lot. Later, Shah Rukh Khan himself tweeted about it. That was a big moment.”

7) Tell us about your newest book, ‘Unns – Seven Stages Of Romance’

“Unns is the second stage of love. It is based on the deep sense of loving each other. Then there is an element of Spy vs Spy story. I tried to make it as filling as possible with the old age love. It is quite a challenge to balance out the two, but I managed it.”

8) Who are your favourite authors?

“Stephen King is definitely my favourite, I also enjoy Ashwin Sanghi’s work as well. Amish Tripathi has my respect as he started a genre that is relatively new and you will not know how the public will react to it. So, these three I always look up to.”

9) Are you planning to write books for teenagers?

“I’d love to write teenage love stories or young love books at some point, but it’s not on the agenda anytime soon.”

It was a pleasure talking to Sapan Saxena. He was so patient and down to earth throughout the whole interview. If you haven’t got his books yet, We highly suggest you to do so.

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