6 Royal Stag Short Films Which Are Way Better Than Tubelight

Are you one of them who wear earphones and stick to YouTube at night? Browsing videos for that one feel good story which put you to sleep in silent nights slipping into a warm blanket. We present to you ‘Royal Stag Short Films‘ from vivid directors, narrating diverse stories. Following six are few drops from ocean of ‘Royal Stag Short Films’. They might not have created buzz, but you don’t deserve to miss.

  1. White Shirt:

Love kindles forgiveness in us; which creates the most peaceful state to re-start again. Does re-start is good every-time? Maybe people don’t deserve forgiveness sometimes. They take this as an opportunity to relive the mistake. The mistakes of loved ones are always ignored. Maybe this should change. ‘White Shirt’ directed by Sumit Aroraa is one of the feel good stories for silent nights.  This is one of the Royal Stag Short Films which reminds us that forgetting is painful; but sometimes forgiving should be replaced by forgetting. Moving on is the path to love oneself.

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  1. Mehrooni:

Narration of this story left me speechless. Even now when I ask people to watch it, I cannot explain them why. Emotion it left me with still wander in a dimension where no word is worthy. As deep as its color, this story of love, loss and life will wet your eyes in the silent nights. ‘Mehrooni’ is a perfect love story scripted and directed by Faraz Ali reminding us the lost essence of our lives.

  1. Nayantara’s Necklace:

Life is an illusion we create contouring truths. Make up worn to hide scars. Smiles plastered to make us believe in false stories. Sometimes we fail to decode and run behind appearances. We struggle between shiny old tea cups and congested present living conditions. Necklace she wore that day suffocated at the end learning truth behind the shine. Indeed all glitters are not gold. Life she lived and wished to live is a ditch. Jaydeep Sarkar’s, Nayantara’s Necklace is pearls of illusion stringed by friendship.

  1. Mumbai – Varnasi express:

In the race of life we fail to live. We measure our happiness in material things and health in reports. What is that one thing you miss if you die tomorrow? Maybe life we failed to love and live. Later, we will come back in full cycle making a tough wrong choice. We will again run behind things we ran from. The express we took travel both ways. It is our choice of ticket decides our journey. ‘Mumbai-Varanasi express’ by Aarti Chabria gives the real taste of life.

‘Death is fatuously disgraced. It reminds us to live our life.’

  1. Interior Café night:

Perfect story needs recipe of imperfection. A pinch of fight, distance and loss, without them there is no delicious reunion. ‘Interior Café night’ directed by Adhiraj Bose captures stages of love in few minutes; love, loss and reunion. Life always gives second chance and it is never too late to grab it. This is story of hope to relive love and I repeat – It is never too late.

  1. Bruno and Juliet

I always wondered relationship between animals. Emotions shared by them and conversation through unspoken words.. aha.. may be secret language they have fascinates me. They must be attached to their friends like us. Pain we go through when we are separated, they feel the same. They don’t consider differences to become friends. Vivid and one of my favorite directors, Imtiaz Ali’s ‘Bruno and Juliet’ depicts friendship between domestic dog and stray dog; One of the kinds.

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There are many more to share from Royal Stag Short Films. Maybe for other day with an other article. Till then watch these six and share your experiences with The MagZone. We are waiting to read your comments.