Rob Spence Is The Real-Life Alastor Moody

Harry Potter, a boy in a magical realm who was born to defeat the villain of that world. Through his journey, we’ve encountered his allies and enemies. All of us remember Alastor Moody, right? The person with an attached eye and a mechanical leg. What if he wasn’t fictional? Once, it might not have been possible but there is one such person now. The ‘REAL‘ Alastor Moody with a “Camera-eye” and not the ‘REEL‘ Alastor Moody with a “Mad-eye“; Rob Spence!

Rob Spence

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Who is Rob Spence?

Rob Spence is a Canadian; a Toronto film maker who does documentaries. At the age of thirteen, he lost his right eye. So, he started wearing an eye-patch because he found it ‘cool’.

But, he didn’t want to be blind in one eye. So, he decided to get a prosthetic eye of his own which could record videos instead of allowing him to see. Thus, after years of experimentation and collaboration with top-notch engineers and scientists, Rob finally invented what is now known as “The Eye Camera“.

The Eye Camera

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How did Rob Spence lose his eye?

At thirteen, Rob played with a gun at his Grandpa’s home in Ireland.

“I wanted to shoot a pile of cow shit,” he said. “I wasn’t holding the gun properly and it backfired, causing a lot of trauma to the eye.”

Rob Spence is now known as “The Eyeborg” – this word is a fusion of Eye and Cyborg.

Inventors and Designers of the Eye-Camera

In 2007, Rob Spence got himself a prosthetic eye. Then, he decided to have a camera lens behind his duplicate eye.

Could you imagine a wireless camera smaller than the size of a pea? Our eyes aren’t big enough to accommodate the lens of our Smartphone’s camera without stretching the eyelids! That’s awful even to one’s peripheral imagination.

But, Rob Spence turned his dream into a reality by collaborating with Phil Bowen, an Ocularist (a person who makes artificial eyes); Kosta Grammatis, an independent radio frequency engineer and designer and Martin Ling, an Electrical Engineer.

Stages of preparation

Rob Spence – the initiator of the idea of “The Eye Camera”.

Phil Bowen – designed a two-part prosthetic eye-shell that housed electronics.

Kosta Grammatis – designed and executed the world’s first wireless camera inside a prosthetic eye; not in any laboratory but on Rob’s kitchen table.

Martin Ling – designed a circuit board so as to connect a tiny battery, camera and a transmitter so the received image signals could be sent to a receiver for viewing and more.

About the Eye Camera
  • The eye camera is a teensy electronic gadget that lies behind Rob’s prosthetic eye.
  • Micro transmitter receives the image signals and a miniature circuit board shows the video on a receiver.
  • A magnetic switch allows it to be turned on and off.
Rob Spence
An LED light glows when The Eye Camera is turned ON.

Here are all the components of The Eye Camera.

  • The Prosthetic eye covers the tiny circuit board so no one will know of a camera behind that eye until and unless it is turned on.

See the tiny black camera beside the prosthetic eye –

the eye camera

  • The camera records for only 30 minutes. A small battery nurses it to its previous condition.

In the Dark, the Eye Camera Glows yet it’s no Ghost

Some Not-Cool aspects of Rob Spence’s invention
  • It doesn’t connect to the eye’s optical nerve. So, one cannot see through this eye.
  • Its lens can record anybody without their knowledge.
  • This camera rises privacy concerns.
  • While using, it gets over heated easily.
  • It requires frequent charging.

So, here you got the real Alastor Moody with his freaky yet cool eye camera who is now set on improving this tiny little electronic gadget for better purposes.

Rob Spence talks for the “Wired” website. Click below to know more about his views regarding him being “The Eyeborg”.

The Perks of being an Eyeborg

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