Some Ridiculous Standards We Need to Stop Sticking To

Busy life, survival of the fittest, many people, many lives, many relationships.

They say it right, common sense is not common these days. People have started taking others for granted, not realizing their worth and one’s obligations to others.

Here is a list of things which can rather be said as ridiculous things we need to stop sticking to.

1. It’s not necessary to say ‘thank you’ or ‘sorry’ in friendship or be it any relationship

Remember your kindergarten classes when we were taught the three ‘golden words’. They being SORRY, THANK-YOU and PLEASE. Did our teachers mention at that time that these are not meant in friendship? No, you remembered it right. So what changed in our growing years?

Especially in this mean world if you say these words to the known and the unknown ones, this will definitely bring a smile on their face and happiness in your life, be it short termed. So start collecting such moments more often.

2. It’s OK to be late

A big NO to everyone who thinks this. Everyone’s busy in their lives, if they have taken out time from their schedule and you have agreed upon, then stick to it. If you think that being late by few minutes will make no difference or you will be treated like a VIP, then it’s better to stay at home.

3. When two adults are talking the younger ones shouldn’t intervene

I literally wonder why are we taught this since beginning. Why can’t one share their opinion when our respected adults are talking? No, I don’t mean that one should argue on baseless things but if you are right you can always put your views in spite of the age difference you share. This shouldn’t be mistaken with undue speaking or arguing with elders. Also the adults should give an ear to your matter. If you are right, if you have an opinion, then you should speak, no matter where you are and who are the one’s in surrounding. Learn to take a stand.

4. Cutting yourself form social sites during exams will help you achieve higher grades

This is actually hilarious. Truly telling, I tried it too but in vain. How can one expect to get good grades only if they cut themselves off from social sites?

It’s often hyped in colleges that a student is studying more since he/she is not active on social sites. Come on, since when have such activities become a criteria of your academic performance?

⚠ this is only valid if you ain’t addicted to such platforms.

5. Stop playing the victim

It’s easy to put blame on others than having the courage to put the blame on yourself. Lemme explain this. You say you are putting on weight because you don’t get time to exercise and this is in turn due to overwork. Ultimately shifting the blame on your boss. You just can’t accept the fact that it’s your disinterest and laziness that is leading to your weight gain. Because its easy to play the victim than accepting the truth about yourself.

Trust me, if you’re performing ANY of the above mentioned things, then you need to STOP RIGHT NOW. Have more such standards that are ridiculous and people need to stop sticking to those? Then let us know in the comments section below.

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