10 Things You Need To Let Go Off To Give A Fresh Start To Your New Year

Life is not as complicated as we make it. Moving on from one stage to another makes it easy. One might want to move on from the heartbreak, another might be looking to start a new phase leaving behind traumatic incident. Few would like to move on from their own old-self. To move on you need a closure, instead of leaving them behind. The things you leave behind will come behind you; but the things you close for once can never be re-opened. This New Year instead of making Resolution, make a Closure. Closure for you, which will make your life better.

Following are the things you need to give a closure instead of leaving them behind to have a fresh New Year start.

1. Toxic Relationship

You might be having various reasons to tag along that person who is polluting you. The attachment you have with that person is costing much more than your heart. Take a decision. To live for yourself this New Year, give a closure to him/her this year.

2. Friendship

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Breaking up or distancing yourself from the best friend or friend is the hardest thing you can do; sometimes it is the right thing you have to do. You might be having your own reasons. Maybe the person or circumstances changed which needs you to move on. Do it now, before it hurts more and end in the worst way possible. Give a closure to the unwanted friendship.

3. Say the unsaid

Do you have unspoken words and silenced conversations? Say it now! Do not wait until next year. Seal the conversations this year. Good or bad, speak out. What happens in 2017 stays in 2017! Release everything this year to make fresh conversations next year.

4. Emotional disturbances

A woman in ripped jeans sitting cross-legged and outstretching her arms while leaning back

Is something depressing you? Anxiety and stress became part of our lives. That stuck beat of your heart, stopping us to breathe is the dam you created. Lift those gates in 2017. Kill the source causing depression. Close it this year and never open that ‘sandook’. Never! Ever!

5. Unused applications

The homescreen on the screen of an iPhone in a person's hand

WhatsApp might be the only thing you are using; but your phone is filled with hike, wechat, telegram, hangouts, viber and more. You must be regular on Facebook, what about the other icons waiting. Shopping apps, games and edits; delete all and get rid of them in 2017. Give a closure and peace to your phone and you.

6. Self-depreciation

A dejected looking woman sat in a dark bedroom with her hand on her head, with horizontal strips of light shining on her from a blind, Bloomington

‘Nahi! Woh toh topper hai/Boss ka favorite hai. Mein nahi kar sakti. I am not talented.’

‘No one loves me. I hate myself.’

Stop self-depreciating by comparing yourself to others. Maybe no one is there to tell you how special you are. You don’t need anyone to tell you. You are the special one. You won the sperm race and qualified 9 months to take birth. You are born winner. You don’t need any special medal to tell you. Stop self-depreciating. You are you and that makes you special. Give a closure to self-depreciation.

7. Blaming and Regretting

An old woman wearing a hoody coat and covering her face with her hands in yuri ria in black and white.

We all did specialization in blaming oneself and others. We also regret everything. Even the wave to the wrong person in the morning is the matter to regret. Decision you did not take, which adversely affected your life. Come on lets end this game. How much ever you would like to blame yourself and others do it before 31 December, 2017 12:00 AM. Lock all your blames and work things out. Start new.

8. Being Lazy

We behave as if being lazy is our right. It is not, dear. It confides you in a circle; not letting you spread your legs and arms out of it. Give it a closure. You do not have to start hopping immediately. You can start from getting a glass of water for yourself.

9. Dependence

It starts with small things. Start doing simple things. If you are indecisive, start making your own decisions. Start questioning yourself and find answers on your own. You should grow strong enough to support your own-self and win your own fight. Give a closure to dependent self and tap the button of independence.

10. Old you

Change is the only way to make things better. Give a cessation to few aspects in life holding you back. The ‘old you’ which makes you vulnerable. Give an end to your character, which makes you look like a tissue paper. The old you, which makes you, suffer. Give a closure to old you!

This year do not take a resolution. Take a closure. Every end is the new beginning. End few things in 2017 to have a great 2018. You might be having few more things to end other than those quoted above.

Share your resolution, Oops! Closure with us in the comments below.