Remembering Khalil Gibran On His Death Anniversary

“A word I want to see written on my grave: I am alive like you, and I am standing beside you. Close your eyes and look around, you will see me in front of you.”

The above words are written next to the grave of the third best-selling poet of all time (only behind Shakespeare and Laozi) in the Gibran museum situated in Bsharri, Lebanon.
He was born in Bsharri, Lebanon (then part of the Ottoman Turkish Empire) and educated in New York, Paris, and Beirut. He may not be amidst us now but he has left a legacy which can’t be forgotten until the time immemorial. He was a great admirer of Francis Marrash and the messages of universal love as preached by Marrash can be seen in Gibran’s work very often. Apart from the messages of universal love, his works include strong messages on freedom and tolerance which acted as a root of developing a countercultural mentality emerged in the sixties in America to some extent.

He has been an inspiration to the likes of Elvis Presley, John Lennon, John F. Kennedy, etc. and his work has played a vital role in shaping thoughts and personalities of the same.
His works have his name spelled as ‘Kahlil’ Gibran due to a mistake in spelling in school; he has always inspired art lovers by his poetry, artwork and heart-wrenching fiction. Some of his most iconic and bestseller works include The Prophet, Broken Wings, The Madman, A Tear & A Smile, Sand and Foam, Garden of the Prophet, etc.
Today as a small dedication to honor the legendary writer, we bring you 10 of his most iconic quotes that you would love to take inspiration from, share with a loved one or friends, or just feel it from the heart-satisfying the literature bug in you because some words we just hear and forget but there are some which make their way to our hearts piercing the very layers of wrong thoughts and darkness; Changing the way we think, speak and feel.

Here Are Some Of His Famous Sayings Which We Have Collected For You

Do share with us your favorite Khalil Gibran quotes and poems in the comments.

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