Take This Relationship Status Quiz And We’ll Tell Your Exact Mingle Status

Tried and Tested!

Relationship Status Quiz
Relationship Status Quiz

We’re not saying that we are the FBI or astrologers, but this quiz if answered honestly, will have a pretty much accurate result. Notice, we won’t ask you any question about your relationship status?

1. What are your usual weekend plans?

A. Sleeping around the house and eating
B. Going out for fun with friends
C. Meeting up with someone special
D. There’s work to be done!
E. Ordering in with a loved one or family

Relationship status quiz

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2. Are you flirty?

A. With certain people, I try
B. I am great at it
C. Only with one person, when it is needed
D. I don’t like anyone enough to flirt
E. Haven’t felt the need since a long time

Relationship status quiz

3. Where does most of your money go?

A. Food and personal expenses
B. Partying, experiencing new things and checking out new places
C. Travel, gifts and dates
D. I usually save a lot, apart from a few guilty pleasures
E. General things like food and personal expenses

Relationship status quiz

4. Pick the ideal holiday

A. Backpacking across the mountains with a huge camp
B. Goa or any other happening place
C. A romantic vacation somewhere away from the city
D. A relaxing retreat with spas and saunas
E. A ten day holiday with friends, partner or family

Relationship status quiz

5. At what time do you sleep in the night?

A. Around midnight
B. Not till 3 am at least
C. Between 1 to 3 am
D. I have no fixed sleeping schedule, it depends on the work I have to do
E. I’m usually in by 10 or 11 unless something comes up

Relationship status quiz

6. What is your favourite social media network?

A. I use everything regularly, from Tinder to Tumblr
B. I love Snapchat and Instagram
C. Whatsapp and Messenger
D. I’m a little less active everywhere
E. Mostly all social networks in limited measure

Relationship status quiz

Now, check the result!

If you got mostly A’s

You are single and ready to mingle. You enjoy your singlehood but wouldn’t mind trying out with new people, relationships aren’t a priority for you but you would get into one if the right person comes along.

If you got mostly B’s

You are living a fast-paced life where you either don’t care about relationships or don’t want to get into one. You are enjoying your singlehood to the fullest and probably wouldn’t want to change it. You’re not ready for commitment but enjoy the attention and company of the opposite gender. You’re probably even crushing on someone.

If you got mostly C’s

You’re in the best phase of your relationship right now. You’re in love and nothing can keep the two of you apart at this moment. Even if you’re not committed already, you will soon be!

If you got mostly D’s

You’ve got no time for love! You’re either very work oriented and have not given much thought to relationships at all or you have come out of a relationship that went wrong and will take time to believe in love again. Either way, don’t stress so much, love will find you at the right time.

If you got mostly E’s

You’re either already married or in a comfortable relationship. Both of you have reached a comfortable commitment point where although there is love, it is quiet and stable. Both of you are nicely settled into this relationship.

An engaged couple holds hands against a wooden railing in black and white

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What is your relationship status? Do let us know what did you get in the relationship status quiz in the comments below! Tag your friends and let them take this quiz!