Relationship Quiz For Couples To Know How Awesome Your Relationship Is

Relationship quiz for couples
Relationship quiz for couples

Relationships are the perfect kind of Jalebis. Sweet, sugary and so much twisted, that you can’t keep your hands off them, and at the same time wonder what would have struck the person’s mind who made them for the first time. Well, let’s add some more fun to the twists and find out how yum your relationship is through this relationship quiz for couples.

So Here is a relationship quiz for couples to take together.

For every point that you think holds true for your bond with your significant other, you get a plus one!

relationship quiz for couples

1. You get your space

You may be a travel junkie while your partner may like spending their weekends in the solace of their home. While you are a party animal, they may be the bookworm kind. What matters is that you feel free to follow your heart. When you need space, like going away with friends once a while, you get it.

relationship quiz for couples

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2. You feel respected

Respect in all its form. The respect for your individuality, financial status, likes, dislikes, privacy and life decisions. If your partner is always misbehaving with you for earning more than him, or your girl keeps taunting you for not being a man enough with your lesser paycheck, you really don’t deserve a partner like that. This is just an example of one of the many instances.

relationship quiz for couples

3. You can trust them, and you are trusted too

Your phone doesn’t keep buzzing insistently if you are out with a friend of the opposite sex. On the other hand, you don’t feel the urge to keep a check on their social accounts. Trust is a big word with an even bigger meaning, and it takes time to build. What makes it more crucial is that a relationship without trust is worse than one without love.

relationship quiz for couplesrelationship quiz for couples

4. You can be yourself, unapologetically

Yes, if your partner accepts you in all your ‘not so glorious forms‘, be it the un-waxed body, or the loud voice, or the sudden emotional outbursts; he is the one. This is important because the outer shell of perfection has to break someday, and if they still love you for the raw imperfect you, you got yourself a match.

relationship quiz for couples

5. You love their closed – ones, and they do too

If you are in the habit of dragging off their closed ones in your fights, passing disrespectful comments on their upbringing or social circle, you are hurting your partner deeply. Same applies if it happens to you. You need to respect and love each other’s bond with their loved ones.

relationship quiz for couples

6. You feel loved

Not the kind of love that sends you surprises every day, or the one waiting outside your place whole night when you are mad (although girls would totally drool over it!) but the kind of love that keeps you warm and cozy when you feel down, or the kind of love that prepares you a meal after a tiring day at work.

relationship quiz for couples

7. You are supported in your decisions

You have been thinking of quitting your 9 to 5 job lately and start something afresh. Or you want to invest in mutual funds. Whatever decisions you have to make, your partner is ready to listen, tell you about their pros and cons and then support you in whatever conclusions you reach.

relationship quiz for couplesrelationship quiz for couples

8. What you guys share is greater than your egos

Clashes are common in relationships. You may want him to apologize, while he may be waiting for the first approach from you. Bottom line is, fights don’t turn into ego clashes, and you guys can resolve them before things go out of hand.

relationship quiz for couples

9. Consent matters

And I am not talking about sexual consent alone, but consent in all things that need to be decided upon mutually. You may be the man of the house, but withdrawing money from the joint account without asking your partner is a big NO. Similarly, inviting your ex to a party without asking if he/she is comfortable with their presence is not appreciable. When it comes to sexual consent, just one sentence is enough. A NO means a NO!

relationship quiz for couples

10. You care for your partner’s satisfaction as much as your own

Don’t keep your partner’s wishes on the shelf. You may not be into oral as much as he is, but there is no harm in returning the favour once a while. Similarly, if your girl is having difficulty reaching the O-point, you can try new ways that may not do much for you, but work wonders for her. You see, when the sex is good, the relationship benefits.

relationship quiz for couples

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So, what’s your score?

If you are a perfect scorer, you are showing signs of soulmate relationship and your chemistry is amazing. My best wishes for your awesome future, and kudos to your love!

If not, you can always work things out. Remember, perfect relationships don’t just happen. They have to be nurtured over time and taken care of to grow to that stage.
But a piece of advice, if it’s been long, and you know in your heart that some things will never change, muster up the courage to let it go. An unhealthy relationship is never worth it. It’s tough I know, but I had the courage to let go, and things changed for better. I know you can too.

How was your love quiz test? Drop your scores in the comment section below!