6 Reasons Why Writing Is Important Part Of Your Life.

why writing is important

Our generation is experiencing a great loss of words. Most of us don’t express our feelings, whether it is sadness, anxiety, hopelessness, confusion, or anger. Bottling our emotions create more problems than any enemy. To untangle our self from these we should understand them by letting them out through the right medium and writing is best of any. Diary, journals, anecdotes, fiction, non-fiction, poems or even scribbling words will help you a lot. There are many reasons why writing is important.

I will give you six reasons to tell you why writing is important and to pen down your thoughts:

1. Channeling emotions

Letting it out on a paper is no harm. I didn’t mean crumbling it. I meant letting it out what you feel in terms of words. Let your sadness flow and anger blow. Don’t go on handwriting and grammar. Let it flow – when you do that you will start channeling your emotions into a medium which hurt no one, including you.

For example, you couldn’t qualify in the exam you are trying from the past one year. You are going through a turmoil beyond expression. Your time stops at one point making you feel angry, scared, worthless and hopeless. Just pen down every ache physical and mental.

Why Writing Is Important

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2. Analyzing

Now read the pages you filled. (Yes! Pages. You must have filled more than two). Analyzing does not mean highlighting, marking or underlining aspects in the written paragraphs. When you start reading them, your brain will first process it as a third party and voluntarily start analyzing. You will start understanding it in fragments which will help you to digest the emotion in a true sense. Your emotion is staged better and analyzed well.

Continuing above example, when you read your words you will understand yourself better. Instead of being angry at yourself on past faults you will start supporting yourself. Instead of being hard on yourself, you will give some peace to yourself.

Why Writing Is Important

It isn’t about why writing is important, it’s about how helpful it is for you.

3. Sorting

After analyzation papers fluttering before you help to sort out the situation. As your brain is already in the best position after letting out everything, it starts sorting out things. It will think of root cause, situation, and conversation which generated the emotion.

Further understanding through example, the root cause of emotion caused is your failure and it created a situation of distress making a worthless conversation. The root cause scared you by forecasting the societal taunts and questions. This created a situation of anger because you failed to position yourself above all these. At the end you made a conversation deciding your worthlessness and you become hopeless.

why writing is important

4. Realization

This is another step which involuntarily follows the above two. When you sort, you will realize how simple your problem was which raged complex emotions in you. The problem is always simple, our emotion makes them complex.

Supplementing above instance, you will realize that the results are unchangeable and you cannot change taunts and questions.You will also realize that you decided your worthlessness by the judgement of others which is completely based on a piece of paper, and grew hopeless. The whole thing is insane; because you realize that these things will pass. The only thing you should worry about is you.

why writing is important

Why writing is important? Because it helps you think through your fingers.

5. Acceptance

This acceptance does not mean taking in everything and crumple in your emotion. It helps you to embrace those emotions and comfort them in warmth to settle in peace.

Going ahead with the above situation, you accepted stamped results. You decide to face taunts which are inevitable, but you know you are not worthless or hopeless. You know you worked hard and if you didn’t work hard, you know the reason.

why writing is important

6. Solution

The solution is born out of acceptance. It is hard because this is the time to take the right step. Some times you have to go against everything for what you like, but you will be confident.

Concluding above example, you decide to move on and work hard again. This time your solution is not hard work, but your capability in another field. You will decide to do what interests you and suits you. Everyone cannot excel in everything, but everyone can excel in something.

why writing is important

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There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

Ernest Hemingway

If you brood in your feelings, it will take you one month to come out of those emotions. By that time you must have destroyed yourself from inside and distanced your relations. Writing it will take a few hours, maybe days or a few weeks but not months. You can act soon.

P.S. Use pen and paper instead of digital medium. You will taste real writing.

Why writing is important is because it gives you a perception about yourself which was lost because you bothered enough to listen to other’s judgement about you forgetting to listen to the one who actually knows you – YOU. Writing your emotions helps you meet the person which got lost in the words of others. So, take out a pen and a copy and WRITE.

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