8 Reasons Why Pets Are The Best

Why Pets Are The Best

There are a number of people all of us know that’ll choose animals over humans any day, myself included. Because let’s face it, those little, furry creatures are way better than humans will ever be. So, we give you 8 Reasons Why Pets Are The Best.

1) All The Love You Give Comes Right Back At You. 

The best part about animals is that they’re very simple. You love them, they love you. You hate them, they hate you. No mixed signals, no uncertainty and no trust issues. Just pure love. All the affections you give to them come back to you multiplied.

why pets are the best
Hee-haw. I know I’m Cute.

2) They Understand You.

It’s no secret that pets understand you way better than humans. They don’t even need to talk to you or understand human language. Their eyes shine when you’re happy and they sit moodily by you when you’re upset. They always have just the right reactions. And this my friend, is why pets are the best.

why pets are the best

3) They Can Be Your Best Friends.

Why pets are the best? Because they don’t need to talk to you to become your friends. All they need to do is lean their little heads on you and the world feels right again. You don’t even need anyone else if they’re there. Unlike people, pets don’t leave just like that. They also don’t break hearts or make you feel worthless.

why pets are the best
I’ll be there for you

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4) They’re Protective of You.

They can annoy you and bite you all they want, but the moment someone else does that, they form an enemy. Trust me, they don’t let anyone make their hoo-man uncomfortable. They’re to the rescue, always.

why pets are the best
I’m here hoo-man. Don’t Worry.

5) They’re Super Fun.

Animals are so entertaining. They always find a way to make people around them laugh with their cute antics and silly tricks. No wonder animal videos are a rage. Why pets are the best? Because pets will always make you happy.

why pets are the best
Ain’t I Cute?

6) They’re Such Good Cuddlers.

Specially if you have a furry creature like a dog, cat or a rabbit. They’re soft, warm and cozy. And you can position them any way you want like your own personal teddy bear. An added benefit? This teddy bear hugs you back!

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7) They’re Good Company.

Pets are amazing to spend time with. Don’t have friends to go out with? Take your pet. Don’t want to eat your meal but also don’t want to waste it? They have your back. Animals are wonderful to talk to and lounge about with. Also, they don’t bite your head off with incessant chatter. Why pets are the best? Because they listen. And honestly, don’t we all want that?

why pets are the best
you see love in their eyes

8) They’re Simply A-dog-rable.

Honestly, don’t tell me you don’t want someone to come running to you when you come home after a long day and look at you with those wide eyes like you’re the best person in the world? Yes, imagine that love. It can only come from little pets.

Why pets are the best
Simply Aww-dog-rable.

Still thinking why pets are the best? Are those cute little furr-balls don’t give you reasons enough to go and have one RIGHT NOW? Drop Your Views And The Pictures of Your Pets in The Comments Below.