Virat-Anushka Tied Knots On 10th December And Here Are Reasons Why They Are The Perfect Couple!

If you don’t adore Virat and Anushka together, we will give you reasons to fall in love with the duo.

It is official now, they are married.

So let’s look at the adorable moments they’ve shared with each other in these few years of their relationship.

All of this started-

When Virat Scored a fifty and celebrated it by blowing a kiss to his lady love.

Virat Anushka
India vs Srilanka, November 2014

And then the time when Anushka was trolled and blamed by Indians for Virat’s poor performance-

We absolutely love the way Virat reacted to it.

Anushka was always there to cheer him, to motivate him.

And the sign of Virat being a gentleman is that he is proud to have her.

The most beautiful part is that their PDA is definitely goals.

And when the duo was on screen together.

From Here…
Virat Anushka
To Here…

And Then they gave us hints-

Not only at Yuvraj’s Wedding but also at Zaheer’s Wedding.

Virat Kohli Accepted Love For Anushka Sharma on Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar Show.

And Finally, they tied a knot in Milan, Italy on 10 December 2017.

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We are so happy and wish Virat and Anushka a happy married life. Tag Virushka fans in the comments below!

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