8 Reasons Why You Should Date A Writer

Some of us think a writer is not an ideal one to date. They might be boring, always busy in reading and writing, they will not give proper time in a relationship and even you may have heard “If you date a writer you will only become a material to them”. But if you think likewise you’re wrong. Writers are not what you think about them.

Date A Writer

Is dating A writer worth?

Absolutely dating the one who writes is totally worth it. You will experience some of the great feelings while dating a writer.

There are many solid reasons why you should date a writer.

1. Writers are good at communication

Date A Writer

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You will always find a writer who is good at communication. Maybe they are shy in public but when it comes to having a conversation in person then they will show their communication skills. They will never disappoint you if you are interested in lengthy conversation. They will have the conversation going till you are asleep.

2. Writers will always support you

date a writer

Writers are always supportive, for them each and every character are important. They never judge anyone because for them all have their own impact. So they will never judge you. A writer will always appreciate you for whatever you are. If they get attached they will love you with all your scars.

3. Writers are always flexible

date a writer

Most of the writers have a busy schedule but they somehow make time for what they really want to do. So if they get deeply connected they will make time for you. You will find them beside you every time.

4. Writers are passionate

date a writer

Writers always have a lot of feelings. They are always passionate towards their work. They always work with dedication. If you’re lucky enough to fall for someone who writes then you can expect a lot of passion, romance and feeling towards you.

5. Writers are creative

date a writer

As they make their writings creative in the same way they will make every moment special for you. They will do what all makes you happy in a new manner which you can never expect.  You can expect creative things like handmade writings, handmade works etc. from a writer if you are dating one.

6. Writers will always keep you in their story

date a writerIf for once only you become a part of their life then they will always keep you in their writings/stories. To be a part of someone’s story is a good aspect as it means that you made an influence in their life. So they will always keep you in their mind.

7. Writers will always write you things

date a writer

Being in a relationship with a writer you can always expect beautiful poems, cherished stories and lovely tales. They even make you sleep with vast stories which you may like.
They will always surprise you with crafts, scrapbook which you will love.

8. Writers are always calm and cool

date a writer

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A writer always has a positive view. They see things from all the possible angle. They never come to any conclusion instantly. They are always calm and cool. One of the reasons can be that they are used to with the pain as in some situations in their life it helped them to turn into a writer.

What do you think? Add some more points to the list to date a writer in the comments section below!