9 Real Clothing Struggles You Face While Wearing Cool Clothes

They are real AF!

Ever got yourself the cutest dress of all which ended up in a dark corner of your wardrobe because it’s so uncomfortable or looks weird on you? Or maybe you do wear some but almost always labor with them? Don’t you think those clothing struggles are real? Well, same here.

Below are some clothing struggles we face when we wear some of our super cool clothes

1. The jumpsuit

So we know that jumpsuits that fit well look gorgeous. And they can be worn on numerous occasions too! But when it comes to peeing, it isn’t really supportive. And it gets you almost naked to do your thing!clothing struggles

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2. Hoodies

Winters and hoodies are a match made in heaven. Hoodies are our saviours in winters, and they also look good, no need to worry what you’re wearing inside till you’ve it on! But well, you sit down, lazing on your bed, your chair, your classroom, or with your friend and that zip turns into a boner! NO, I DIDN’T ASK FOR THAT, MR. HOOD!

3. Off shoulder tops

Off shoulders are trending right now, and they look so, so pretty! But what it brings is a lot of struggle with the strapless bra. You literally cannot move too much or it gets way too uncomfortable.

Image result for strapless bra problems

4. Sheer Tops

You go to a store to buy something really comfy. You pick a top which is casual and easy to carry. One day you decide to wear only to find out that it is see-through. Deception at its best.Image result for sheer tops

5. Maxi dresses with a slit

Missed your appointment at your beauty parlour? Maxi dresses to the rescue! Maxi dresses are perfect for times when you haven’t waxed or shaved your legs. But they become just as useless as the rest when they come with a slit. *cries in a corner*

Image result for maxi dresses with slit

6. Shorts

Shorts are the best options for summer. And it just breaks our heart when they are pocket-less. WHY CAN’T WOMEN’S CLOTHES HAVE POCKET? Women’s clothing gotta definitely do better, duh.Image result for shorts for girls

7. Short dresses

Did something fall down from your hand right in the middle of the room? Well, good luck pleading the person standing next to you to pick it up for you!

8. Shirts

Shirts are so simple, and so effortless, ain’t they? Not really. Choosing a shirt to wear when you are in a hurry and end up buttoning it in the wrong way most of the time.

Image result for women shirts buttoned in a wrong way

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9. Sweaters

Well, it’s winter and all you wanna do after a tiring day is to come home and throw off that sweater. Or better, you’re at a store wearing a sweater and think about trying another one. What you do? You take off your sweater BUT the tee beneath comes off too. Much of an embarrassment? Huh, we know.

Here were some of the clothing we all struggle with. “What to do about them then?” Haha, nothing really. What I personally do though, is that I wait to come home, and then, it’s my pyjamas and tee, FTW!!!

What are the clothing struggles you face? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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