Re-live Your Childhood With These Paper-Boat Advertisements

Thandai, Serbet-e-khaas, Rose tamarind are well known and are enjoyed by guests and adults at our houses. Panakam, Chili guava, Aamras, Jamun make us wait for long and we starve for their taste. As soon as the season comes we are able to satisfy our taste buds. Aam Panna, ginger lemon tea after getting wet in rain are like a cherry on top of the cake. Neer more, Anar, Jaljeera are evergreen and are most favorite in our choices.
Paper boat drinks with memories placed an accurate trademark in the marketing world. They didn’t advertise, they replayed our childhood stories in front of us.

revisit your childhood with paperboat ads
Revisit your childhood with paper boat ads

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Paper Boat drinks and memories

Advertisements cherished those small moments which were once a big part of our lives. Don’t you think in this hustle bustle of metro cities we forgot how we enjoyed our childhood? But there was an unexplainable pleasure in flying those paper planes, it flies a long distance and there comes a sense of accomplishment. Eating aam ras from the fridge when all are asleep was fun and it is still fun. Those paper boats, kites, spoon feeding, chatkara of jaljeera in the mouth, making funny faces and then laughing hard on ourselves and cherishing the small friendship with our gang, no tension of earning no responsibilities, all we had in our head was Masti and lots of Masti. But Today’s generation is far from all these small happiness. We might not have had those remote-controlled airplanes, helicopter, and tablets or mobile phones but we had our peers, our family, our dreams with us.

revisit your childhood with paperboat ads
Revisit your childhood with paper boat ads

A few Paper Boat ads you will love watching:

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We show a great gratitude to makers of the paper boat who introduced us with our lively childhood and helped us in cherishing those happy moments today in our busy lives, where we don’t find time to have a conversation with the person who sits next to us.

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