10 Unbelievably Magical Rainbow Foods You Never Knew Existed

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Rainbows and Unicorns are everywhere today. While food is the most important and the yummiest thing we live ON, the blend of these two worlds give us the definition of WOW!

We now live in a world where pretty much every food out there has a rainbow iteration. Rainbow coffee, rainbow grilled cheese, rainbow bagels, rainbow sangria. We’ve entered the rainbow food era. These food items are everywhere and it’s topping my food wishlist. Here’s me, embracing the most colorful food trend ever known.

Rainbow Grilled Cheese 

This looks amazing, isn’t it? Tastes even better! It’s rainbow cheese bread sandwich 😀

Rainbow Bagel


Rainbow Bagel with Rainbow cream cheese <3 This one is my favorite!

Rainbow Ice Cream

Forget strawberry, mango or chocolate ice cream, go for the rainbow! fits into all ice cream genre 😀

Rainbow Waffle

There are many ways to make mornings bright. You could work up a sweat with an early am workout, you could practice a little meditation, or you could whip together some beautiful rainbow waffles!

Rainbow Funfetti Cake


A stunning celebration cake of six or seven colorful layers and cream cheese frosting – an impressive showstopper.

Rainbow Cupcake

Rainbow cupcakes with fluffy cloud like vanilla frosting. This is guaranteed to make anyone smile who sees them.

Rainbow Pasta 

If you think regular pasta is good, wait until you see how to make rainbow pasta. It’s positively magical!

Rainbow Cookies


Making and eating these colorful cookies is so much fun, you’ll want to make more than one batch!

Rainbow Pancakes


Pancakes just got even more fun! These impressive rainbow pancakes look amazing. Made as part of our pancake experiment, these rainbow pancakes are a work of art. Take inspiration from this picture to create your own.

Rainbow Fruit Skewers


These vitamin-packed fruit skewers are a simple, colorful and fun way to get kids to eat fruit. They’ll love helping to make them too.

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