7 Questions We All Have Asked Ourselves At Least Once Whenever We Feel Down!

You can never have a life as the happy pill. Everybody knows that already, I know. But when life gives you lemons, you are not always in the state to make lemonade. What can you do then? I suggest grab some tequila and chill! *wink*.

Anyway, I am just here to give you some gyaan because I have sailed the ship too. These questions come up every now and then, and I hope this helps.

1. Why not me?

You may have missed on that great job opportunity, while a friend got selected. Or a story you had put your heart and soul to, did not make it to the final round of the competition. Life gets tough, I know. And the feeling of worthlessness and self-doubts sinks in. But my sincerest suggestion, which I also believe in strongly is – work harder, and keep working for better things. They will come- maybe a day or a month or a year later for you, but they will.

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2. How could they backstab me?

While you could always get a replacement for that chocolate your sibling stole from you, there is, truly, no replacement for broken faith and betrayals. And you can’t help but think where did I wrong? Why couldn’t the other person give it their 100%? How gullible and stupid am I?

But darling, don’t blame yourself for the purity and innocence of your heart. Maybe that way you have one less toxic person in your life to hurt you. See it that way, and also, take all your time before trusting that person again, if at all you decide to.

3. How will I ever get out of this?

Going gets cumbersome, and it does seem like the end of all, but is it? Now, even studies suggest that an extremely paranoid and worrisome situation affects our ability to think rationally. Putting it simply, there may be a way out. You may not be able to see it then. I say clear your head, take suggestions, keep that patience jar full and then figure things out gradually with time.

4. Why do people leave me, every time?

Well, frankly, not just you, but everyone else has gone through a lot many departures in their lives. Life is like that, and you can’t change it. Only a few people are meant to hold on to the end of your book, the majority of the population being mere chapters. Have a positive attitude about it. If it hurts too much, take help. If it’s something you can resolve, don’t hold back. But if it’s not, let go of the chapter on a beautiful note instead of dragging it to a more hurtful end.

5. Why does this have to happen to me?

I really can’t give a rational answer to this one, except telling you that everyone gets their own set of pricks and thorns of which neither you nor anyone else knows. So while you think you are alone, you actually are not. Everyone is hurting, and you can release your pain by sharing theirs. They may have it differently, but they have it anyway. When both of your pains reduce a little, that will make up space for a little more happiness. Works, right?

6. Will a single soul have faith in me?

There may be times when nobody; really NOBODY chooses to believe in you. But even then, there is one person who should. YOU. YOURSELF. Inspiration comes from within, I believe. So first convince yourself that your path will lead to your destination. Rest will follow. Don’t expect people to stand by you when the first person backing out would be you!

7. What if I am wrong?

50% chances, you can be. But what if the coin turns over and you are right? You may be wrong nineteen times (or nineteen hundred times), but what if the twentieth time is the milestone you and everybody was waiting for? Or simply, whenever the question pops up in your head, immediately ask another one – What if I am right? Haze will vanish away.

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I hope you hold strong, and when it gets too tough, ‘tequila to hai hi’! 😀

Are there any more questions that you ask yourself? Do let us know in the comments below!