8 Questions People Ask When You Tell Them You Are In A Long Distance Relationship


Long Distance Relationship

Let’s face it, long distance relationships are tough. Way tougher than those who have never had the taste of it could ever surmise. Missing your favourite person while you see other couples huddled together in parks, movies, streets, everywhere is sad. It’s like all the world comes together in unison to piss you off. Then you can’t go on dates because apparently, that stupid thing requires both of you at the same time and place. Duh! Then there are special days like anniversaries, birthdays, blah blah that you often spend without your significant other.

As if life’s already not that upsetting, God bestows upon you people who give all these weird reactions when they come to know you are maintaining a Long Distance Relationship. People so annoying that you wish you could just lock them up in a room for five hours straight with Janice’s ‘Oh-My-God!’ followed by that annoying nasal laugh of hers playing on the stereo. (Pardon me, I am just a hopeless FRIENDS fanatic!)

long distance relationship

Here Is What People Say When You Are In A Long Distance Relationship:

1. Really? Isn’t It Tough?

Yes, it is. Thank you for the gentle reminder. NOT.

long distance relationships are tough

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2. How Do You Guys Manage A LDR?

We have just made dummies of each other to keep with us and have imparted magical powers to it, you see. So it’s not that hard managing a long distance.

how to manage a long distance relationship

3. Don’t You Miss Him/Her In A Long Distance Relationship?

Of course, I do, you fat head. That reminds me, don’t you miss not having common sense? *Face palm*

long distance relationship miss

4. What If He/She Is Cheating On You? Aren’t You Afraid?

Well, if he/she has to cheat, why only in a Long Distance Relationship. One can cheat at any time in a relationship, right? Also, ever heard of the word trust?

cheating in a long distance relationship

5. Don’t You Get Upset When He/She Isn’t There On Your Birthday With You?

Again, illogical. Yes, I do. You know what else I do? Understand. Do you understand? Duh!

upset in a long distance relationship

6. How Have You Guys Come So Far? I Thought You Must Have Broken Up Long Back!

Oh, so grateful for your faith in us. We both know nobody else would take us, so we have to stick to the one person. Sad life, isn’t it? *Rolls eyes*

broken in a long distance relationship

7. You Must Be Stuck To Your Phone All Day All Night, Right?

Yes, totally, because we have no lives. Call rates are so cheap these days. Besides, our Boss pays us for chatting over the phone all day. And personal space, what does that even mean? *Bangs head*

phone in long distance relationship

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8. Why Don’t You Find A Partner Here, So That You Can Be Together?

Oh dear lord! You are right. Why didn’t I think of that before? After all, changing a partner and changing cities are the same things.

funny ldr

Are you also irritated from such type of questions in long distance relationship? Do you have some more to add? Do let us know in the comment section below: