An Open Letter From Introverts

Hey readers!

This is basically about me and my fellas, the introverts. We may be difficult to understand, irritating (at times) or ignorant but we do love you. Here’s a list of things to everyone to make them understand us more.

1. Don’t call us, until it’s urgent

Many of us can relate to this. No,we don’t like picking up calls be it at any moment of the day. What we make sure of is an apology text to be sent by the end of the day giving explanation for the ignorance. We are not that bad. It’s just talking on phone is not our thing until it’s important.

We are really comfortable texting you from any corner of the world,at any time. Believe us on this. Need a favor, any help, anything to discuss, we will always be there with our text replies. Once again, it’s not that we don’t like you but we simply can’t spend our energy for the sake of talking.

2. Weekdays are ‘Me’ days

Is there a Book fare on monday?? Urghh! No, I can’t make it.

Why? Because it’s weekdays.

We have set weekends to socialize, meet people, our friends and that’s all the time we can give. Weekdays are simply meant for us (me days). We don’t like sharing our time until we are compelled to. If we share our weekdays with someone, he/she gotta be a lucky chap.

3. We share different hobbies.

They may not be what others consider as hobbies. They are different which includes –

  • Switching between few apps for hours
  • Listening to the same song I have been listening to for 15 years
  • Not talking to people for few days
  • Sitting idly

4. Trying every possible way to escape

The first thing we do after logging into any social account (say Facebook) is going to the chat option and clicking on ‘turn off the chat’ option.

I know, I know this may seem weird or may be mean for some but this is real us. We try every possible way to escape from the outside world so that we don’t have to give a reason everytime of not replying to anyone’s message.

There are many more to add in this list,which I will be doing in the next part.

Suggestions are always welcome.

Happy reading!

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