This Powerful Poem By UnErase Poetry Will Hit You Right In Your Heart

We take a moment to appreciate the slam poetry “The Legal rapist” by Simar Singh for Unerase Poetry performed at antiSOCIAL as it highlights the serious problem of ‘Marital rape’ which persists in our society. Simar, through his extraordinary poem slams and questions all the nefarious married male mentalities out there who think of women as their possession or property and themselves as supreme.

Watch Their Full Video Here

We laud the strive of Unerase poetry to challenge and slam the practitioners of marital rape through their heart touching poem and wish that they keep making such videos and inspiring people to raise a voice against the wrongs of society.

unerase poetrySo if you have been experiencing, or know any such case about marital rape but chose to remain silent in fear, we just want to say, it’s never too late to raise a voice.

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