Potter’s World: A Different Hogwarts And A Different Professor ‘Kumhar’

No, there is no talking about Hogwarts or the wands or the spells, not even Professor Snape.

This is the entire new story about a potter family. The Indian potters, the ones who blended clay with their art and gave ceramics a new form just like invention.

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Here presents a prose of a family in the region of Jharkhand, on the west side of India in a place like the little winging called Chakradharpur.  This family have dedicated themselves to this art since the 1980s and still continues.

History behind the name

During the year of the 1980s, a person named Kumhar by the society, settled down in the region of Bihar ( when Jharkhand was not separated). When asked did he carried his name?, the answer was- ” I was called by the name of Kumhar and this depicted my work. What else did we require during those days? This was the only form of respect we received.” Further, he added, “Gradually, this became our title as my son carried this profession and my grandchildren too.

Kumhar was never a name specifically given to a person or a Title used by a family. They were named so, as they belonged to the caste of Shudra Varna, a caste of artisans. This was the lowest caste in the Hindu society. Further, they were considered inferior among their section as belonging to the Magahiya Kumhars.

The family grew up with the passion of learning the art as they were not considered as the ones to attain education. The caste system never reflected in their art. For them, they considered this as a norm that is must to be followed. Besides, this gained their love for art.


Kumhars follow the Hindu religion and belong to the state of Bihar. They are among the section of Scheduled castes constituting the population of Dalits.

The present situation

The strong belief has resulted in the saddest part of their life. They are so firm with the attitude of belonging to the lowest caste that they never encouraged their children to follow the system of education.

They answered this by saying “Why do they require to study, anyways they gonna do pottery for the rest of their life.”

Besides, they interacted happily hearing the joy of Diwali coming in. They told that this was the only time in the year when their earning is very high like 1000 rupees per day. And this is only for a week.

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The huge family of Kumhar comprises his two sons and their wives and along with seven kids. The family has all encouraged in the little to do the art of pottery. The hands are all now well trained in the art.

Their art

The family of Kumhar showcased a variety of artistic Dias.

And due to their low economic conditions, they used vegetables for creating colours. This purely signifies their eco-friendly way of designing Dias.

Pottery in India

Pottery is the art of mending clay into the desired shape with the creation of beautiful designs that reflect the fact of how beautiful our nation is. In India, this has been practised since the Indus Valley Civilization. The utensils like bowl, spoons etc where created by using the very known raw material clay.

Today Indian pottery is famous in the entire world with no knowledge for the Indians regarding how the potters remain.

“We remain silent with the art of happiness, we remain quite for knowledge of nothingness”

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