Poem: For “Sanskari Literates”

For ages people have tried to label us and judge us on the basis of “being sanskari” or not. For them a ghunghat on a bride’s face is more important than doing toilet in open, the 6 inches waist that the saree shows is more Sanskari than the naked thigh that shorts don’t hide. So, for these literate Sanskaris here is something, sing it like a song and don’t take my sarcasm wrong because I am Sanskari😎

No ghunghat, no pride
You shame us as a bride

No toilet, no pot
Take a lota and do shauch

No bikini, no shorts
Wear a saree and show you are hot

No fashion, no club night
Put some bhajan and clap left right

No work, no fame
Need a bahu with lihaj and shame

So to all your if, no, but
Why look like a slut?
Keep your suggestions in your butt
Because we don’t give a f*ck

And with this, I am going to be judged hard,
My face is going to be shoved with Sanskari card
They will tell me I have gone beyond my parents reach
Look for yourself
Your words are like a Sanskari breach.

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