Poem: My Parents Brought Me In This World, But You Taught Me To Survive

I am not scared to fall from heights
because no one but you will hold my hand
I am not scared to cry out loud at night
because no one but you will comfort me when I am sad

I am sorry for waking you up at night
how else would have I slept tight
ghosts, insects, and people don’t scare me
I am scared of not finding you right beside me

I owe you a lot but more than that my first walk
I am thankful to you for a lot of words but more than that my first talk

You played with me when everyone else was busy playing the game of life
You made sure I do not sleep hungry
when everyone wanted to punish me for a crime

My favorite bed time story is your success stories
My favorite hiding place is under your bed
I have grown enough to make my own decisions
But still, I do things after your advice

You are the cutest couple I know till date
Your love for each other is divine
To whom had I bitched about my parents
Who would have always taken my side

My parents brought me in this world
But you taught me to survive
Dear grandparents, age is just a no
And you are always there by my side

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