Poem: Lookup And Find The Reasons To Love

Look up closely at the night sky

tell me maybe how does it make you feel, and why!

Tell me if it makes you feel light and warm

or if it scares you, frightens you and makes you numb!

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Can you just look up and find reasons to love that sky?

or hate it for it means an end to light?

For me it is both

and I still don’t know why!

For the night sky brings beauty otherwise impossible to find

but with that it also brings darkness which means absence of light!

It tells me how the day ended

and another will began soon.

It frightens me to start another day going towards another noon!

The mess that I am tells me not to tell you

but words , oh words

they find a way through!

So the night with it brings to me the feelings  all mixed up well and confused

for my heart knew nothing of that sort of beauty and shine

but my brain still fights it

saying it knows the dangers darkness holds.

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And I lay every sunday on my bed

thinking of the monday ahead!

How I will like someone to tell me

the stars are more than the dark in the sky

and however dark it becomes

they’ll always be my light!

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