Poem: Is Our Generation Really Lost?

“Our generation”; at some point haven’t we all heard our elders taunting us about it. So where really is our generation heading? Are we really that bad? That lost? Is something really wrong with us? So many questions right? But if I can sum it up then maybe I can say that maybe we aren’t as good, but we are trying. Maybe we are lost, but maybe it’s not so bad. And maybe we are not perfect but we’re making efforts for a better society. A society that doesn’t judge. A society that might be different than yours but is better. We are not a generation but rather a revolution. We have a new way to see the world and create the society that fits each one of us as our own skin.

Here is a poem that in some way describes our generation.

We are a generation of
half chewed; chewing gums
and worn out pretenses.

We sit on the side roads
that lead to nowhere
and wear torn out fashion.

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We love couch surfing more
than those fancy hotels
and we have our impulses
that knows no roadmap.

We have missed trains
trying to chase our dreams
in hope that maybe somewhere
in between; we’ll be love struck too.

We have committed sins,
broken hearts; and
been shattered ourselves
and swallowed failures.

But trust me when I say that
When it comes to all of us;
We have learnt to fight the dark.
And we would rather burn
than to let you catch us
for this war is only ours.

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So if you were to see us
lost somewhere in the alleys
don’t come to us asking
your monochrome questions;

For what you call ‘lost’
is our new found Solace.

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