Why You Should Plan A Weekend Getaway Right Now

weekend getaway

I will be totally honest here. Life these days sucks, and I pretty much feel like every other college goer who somehow manages to juggle between internship or job or projects and stuff like that. Apart from that, we ought to maintain a social life, make time for our own passions or hobbies, friends, family, blah blah blah. In a nutshell, we are screwed up, the agony and frustration of it all building up and turning us into bombs ready to explode. But there’s a way round this fuss. A weekend getaway.

Yeah, when bottling it all up doesn’t seem to work and your mind goes wandering into unknown places, pack those bags and get going. I recently had a trip to Kasauli with my elder brother and his friends. And this one has to be the most amazing and memorable trip of my life so far because it taught me the value of these things:


weekend getaway
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Yes, the concrete jungles that we live in are sadly the cause of a lot of our problems, and yes we called this on ourselves. But a couple of days in nature’s lap revitalize you pretty much enough to drag yourself through for some time before you come running again!

•The bond between siblings

weekend getaway
I totally cherish the moments I shared with my brother. We live in the same city but hardly catch up, plus it’s not always the thing to talk and share on that deep a level. But one peg down, and we were good to go, talking and laughing late past midnight, sitting by the trees.


weekend getaway
Those idiots that come in your life out of nowhere, and make it so much fun, this one’s for them. The bond between my brother and his friend is something I had adored always, and the respect has only grown now, not only for their friendship but for that between me and my friends too.

•The ME time

weekend getaway
In our attempt to manage time for the people we value in life, we leave out on finding some for ourselves. It had been years since I had sat calmly, hearing the leaves rustle in the wind, and the crackling sound of the river hitting against the rocks. I gazed at the moon for long and thought about myself (and about writing this article too, truthfully). Nothing feels better, trust me.


weekend getaway
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The best part is this. It’s amazing how in a few hours you meet so many new people, smile to strangers, watch things that either amuse you or disgust you, but are rather enjoyable anyway, and if you are a lucky one(not really), you might run into some trouble for driving just a little over the speed limit (Ha! Ha! happened with us and God the excuses we made!). But you know what, even that adds to the wonderful bundle of memories that you will bring back.

Stop reading now, it’s time to pack that bag and plan a weekend gateway.Happy weekending!:)

Happy weekending. 🙂