5 Food Joints In Satya Niketan You Must Visit

Thinking about heading to Satya Niketan for some lip-smacking food? Come lets find out which are the best 5 places to eat in Satya Niketan that we need to explore RIGHT NOW.

New to the city, new to the campus.

Every year thousands of students come from all over India with dreams in their eyes to Delhi university. Being a beginner and a gourmand I thought of why not I start sharing my food experience with everyone be it a student or a localite.

Satya Niketan can be thought of as heart of south campus of DU. Living in this chaotic place for past 2 years was a tou
gh job but as they say every coin has two sides so does this place. Amidst all the chaos, what may be a gem to people like us is the wide variety of cafes available here.

So here goes my list of top 5 places in Satya Niketan to hang out with friends or for the introverts who only love their company.

PS These are only few to name. There are cafe opening here every other day.

Have a look at our top places to eat in satya niketan:

1. QDs

places to eat in satya niketan

One can find this in starting lane of the market. They have many other outlets like in Lakshmi Nagar, North Campus. Their specialty is north Indian cuisine (mainly) and tandoori momos. A waiting of few minutes is always expected during weekends.
Average Cost: ₹350 per person (approx.)
With a Zomato rating of 4.0, it opens everyday from 11 AM to 11 PM.


places to eat in satya niketan
What makes this place special is not just their food but the staff that serves there. With an innovative and helping approach  they employ differently abled sect of our society the deaf and mute people. Offering a wide range
of menu it can be a perfect place to hangout with friends who would not only praise the food but also the hospitality provided by the staff.
Average Cost: ₹300 per person (approx.)
With a Zomato Rating of 4.7, it becomes a must check out place.

3. BYD or Big Yellow Door

places to eat in satya niketan

This serves as a landmark if you wanna go anywhere in Satya giving proof of its popularity amongst the masses. One of the oldest and most famous cafe here, this is an ideal joint to hangout with friends.
Perfect ambiance with some lip smacking d
ishes. Worth mentioning are baked pasta and hazelnut coffee. Being a vegetarian I can only suggest of vegetarian dishes but have heard that they offer amazing non-veg snacks too.
Average Cost: ₹300 per person
With a Zomato Rating of 4.2, it opens from 10 AM to 11 PM

4. 2 Bandits Lounge & Bar

places to eat in satya niketan

Only cafe offering liquor to people who love to booze. Though there are many cafes which serve hookahs. Its located in the main
market on the second floor. Talking of it like other cafes they too offer amazing food and the ambiance is just perfect. My favorite spot here is the swing right in the corner of the cafe.
Average Cost: ₹800 per person (approx. with alcohol)
With a Zomato Rating of 3.9, it opens everyday from 11 AM to 1 AM

5. Espress-o-Ville

A new coffee shop. Why am I mentioning a ne
w cafe here is because it serves the best coffee in town. May be I have bragged a bit but at least in Satya this place is ideal for coffee lovers. Unlike the burnt coffee they serve at cafe coffee day they give it in the best proportion. perfectly roasted coffee with milk. Ambiance is bright not too noisy so you can sip your coffee while doing your work.
Average Cost: ₹300 per person (approx)
With a Zomato Rating of 3.5, it opens from 10 AM to 11 PM.

Got places worth mentioning in the list of places to eat in Satya Niketan? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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