Picostone Has Developed A Device Which Lets You Switch Off The Lights Without Even Moving An Inch

Add convenience to the way you live.

Photo by Lin Zhizhao

When your favourite TV show is on air, you’ll make sure to sit in front of the Television on time. All your works? Done in a flash! And when your long-awaited show plays on-screen; you’ll become too engrossed to notice the light filtering from under your bedroom door. Who sees it? There’s a magician in every household. One who can tell the difference between lights in the bedroom and the hall.

Who? Mom. She doesn’t care about your favourite TV show and starts playing a virtual guitar. Only, the music is not sweet. “How many times have I told you to turn off the lights before leaving the room? Useless! Bekar! Bewakoof! You never listen! Go turn off the lights, right NOW!”

This is a daily occurrence. The thing is, we never change. Nor do our Mothers. Have you ever wanted to turn off that Godforsaken light from the place you’re sitting? Well, you’re for some great news then! Picostone has developed a device that lets you turn off that light without even moving half-an-inch from your spot. Now your Mom will pamper you more and you can enjoy your TV show.

What is Picostone?

Here’s another perk. This device isn’t just about lights, it lets you control all your electronic devices – lights, fans, AC, Geyser, TV, Sound system and many more! Shortly, Picostone will be your personal Remembrall! (Harry Potter reference). Isn’t it exciting?

You can control your entire home through a single click. The phone you always carry in your hands will be your remote to transform your home into a smart home. This wonderful start-up based in Mumbai was coined by a team of dynamic personalities – Virang Jhaveri and Niket Sarvaiya.

Their motto is –

We believe in delivering an affordable product range with fabulous user experience to have a meaningful impact in your life.

Now, you’ll be doubtful – “How much does the product cost? Given its perks, it’ll cost me my fortune!” NOT AT ALL. The device of Picostone, though currently priced at rupees 11,800, is getting a HUGE discount! Mark these dates of the MAD SALE – December 1, 2 and 3.

A product worth rupees 11,800 will knock your doorstep at just 2700!

Here’s why Picostone is a must-buy necessity in our lives-

1. Your parents can be at peace, and so can you

Little things like doing your works properly without forgetting them will help your parents around the house. And you can avoid petty quarrels too. If you see your Mom or Dad ready to tell you off about that light in your room or Bathroom, just click it off – not switch it off.

2. Holding a smartphone isn’t a distraction anymore

This generation has it really tough. We are always on our smartphones and have to listen to things like, “Why are you always on your phone?” “What the heck are you looking at?” “Will you ever bother getting off your phone?” It doesn’t matter whether we are working or studying. It only appears as if smartphones do nothing else besides chatting and playing. No one even believes if we tell them that we are using it for educational purposes. Now, you’ll have a reason for which holding a smartphone will not be a hindrance to your peace anymore! You can always say, “I need to control my home!” Simple.

3. No fights for remote control. You can fight smart

You want to watch a different channel, maybe, National Geographic Channel. Then there’s your companion who’s watching some show which you hate. Fight for the remote? Nah! You should fight smart. Open Picostone’s basic app and control the channels on your TV. If your companion doesn’t know about the device you have, he’ll/she’ll never know what hit him/her. It’s magic to unknown people and you can win your fight.

4. Answer your siblings’ laziness too with this gift

All of us have that one person in our homes who are downright lazy. Their laziness is a torture to us. This is the case, especially with siblings. They call us as if it were the end of the world. And when we come rushing in to see what the problem is, they simply ask us to turn off the light or the fan! It’s annoying, isn’t it? Gift them a Picostone Basic device and avoid annoyances!

5. It will help the elderly and pregnant women

Struggles of old people and those of a pregnant woman are more or less the same. They can’t walk too much. It hurts as hell to move around with creaking knees. Moving around freely while a baby is resting inside her stomach isn’t advisable to a pregnant woman. It’s even more problematic when all the youngsters in the home leave for their jobs and schools and the elderly are the ones at home. Or, the pregnant woman without any caretaker. Ah, how wonderful it’ll be for them to control these switches in a phone, right? It’s safe and secure without any risks involved.

6. You can love your bed without interruptions

Who’s your best friend? If anyone asks this, most people will say – Sleep and Bed. There is no greater happiness than sleeping peacefully, without having to wake up in the middle of the night. We have the tendency to put our AC on sleep mode so that it’ll get turned off automatically after a stipulated period of time. Then, we’ll start to feel restless after a while because the coolness of the room will turn to warmth. In order to turn on the fan, our sleep and bed are neglected. This can be overcome by Picostone’s app on your phone. Schedule the time to turn on the fan and enjoy uninterrupted dreams.

7. Hard day at work? Your smart home will relax your body and mind

Have you worked hard? Do you want to bathe with warm water as soon as you reach home? Have you ever wished for your AC to be turned on and welcome you in with its cool breeze? With Picostone, your wishes are no longer castles in the air. Now, they are a reality. You can turn on your geyser or AC or set your TV to your favourite channel even before reaching home. Have a smart welcome from all your electronic gadgets!

8. Saving electricity and saving money

These days, we are always finding ways to save our depleting resources. Money is a resource too. Our monthly electricity bills hike up by a large margin just because of that forgotten electrical appliance. We drive miles away from our home and then suddenly remember – “OMG! I forgot to turn off the AC and TV!” You’ll get a mini heart attack. Have Picostone basic – save money. Pull over your vehicle, open the app in your smartphone and click them all off. Yay!

Open doors to a smart home!

This is ultimately what this device lets you do. As long as it’s an electrical appliance, you’ll have control over each and every one of them right in your palms – in your smartphone! It’s a gateway to a world of convenience painted with smart work. And, remember, this product is up for a MAD SALE! Buy Picostone’s Basic Device for Home Automation at only Rupees 2700! This offer is only valid for the dates December 1, 2 and 3.

Go get them, tigers!

This Post Is Written In Collaboration With Picostone.