Perks Of Dating Your Best Friend

Friendzone (n)

A situation in which a friendship exists between two people, one of whom has an unreciprocated romantic interest in the other.

Just in case you’ve been lucky enough to not be trapped in the ‘F-zone’ or have managed to escape it, if otherwise; and so are currently dating your best friend, you know things couldn’t be more perfect. Getting into a relationship with your best friend is easier done than said. Yes, you read it right. And more than it being undemanding, maintaining it is easy-breezy. Here’s why-

1. The foundation

You know them in and out and have accepted them the way they are, and vice-versa. So the foundation of your relationship has been excellently laid by your strong friendship. Afterall, in the words of a wise man, ‘pyaar dosti hailove is friendship.’ While in most relationships, people take a lot of time to establish understanding after knowing each other, in this case, you are likely to save yourself some time.

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2. You are yourself around them

People take a long period before they can comfortably be themselves around their partners- dance wildly, dress shabbily, burp or fart. But when you’ve moved on from being close friends to partners, things like these are far from weird because you’ve become attuned to all the craziness your significant other can throw around.

3. You know exactly what to do

Been together since long, she has told you exactly how she’d like to be proposed by her ‘to-be.’ You better recall what it was, because that could be a bonus start for your relationship. Making her feel special won’t require much of your brains because you’ve already been told about the same- the gifts she like, places she’d go to for a date etc. Who would’ve thought that you could use something she told for someone else, to your own advantage.

4. Friends+partners

Casually checking out girls and guys is a fun thing because there is immense trust between you two and nobody takes offence. You can laugh like friends and love like partners.

Man and woman wrapped together in a red plaid blanket outdoors

5. Your family loves them too

Since your family has known them as your best friend, ever since, it’s always easier to hangout with them because they trust your partner! It’s amazing how your family and your partner-cum-best-friend gel together, isn’t it?

6. Knows your past

One of the best things you are assured of is that if you’ve had some terrible past, it is not going to be repeated. Your best friend has seen you cry in your worst and there is no way s/he will make you run through it again. They will be true to their promises for a fact that they can’t see you miserable all over again; because this time, the guilt will be unbearable.

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What are some more perks of dating a best friend? Let us know in the comments below!