Periods Aren’t A Choice, Sex Is. When Condoms Are Tax Free, Why Can’t Pads Be?

tax on sanitary pads

What is expected from this country where cows are safer than women? Any other thing is more important than women’s safety. Sex is a choice, periods are not: Modi-led government is levying 12 percent tax on sanitary pads.

“Don’t tax my period.”

Under GST, Kumkum and bangles have been made tax-free but the government has levied 12 percent tax on sanitary pads.

Even now women in rural areas cannot afford to buy sanitary napkins. Why don’t the government see, pad isn’t a luxury, it’s a damn need. Makeup and shit is not a need.

Several women vented their anger against the present GST reform which PM Modi had labelled as “Good and Simple Tax.” They also demanded that sanitary pads should be given at a subsidised rate instead of putting taxes on them.

tax on sanitary pads

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One of the Twitter users commented, “The only explanation for sanitary napkins being taxed at 12 percent under GST is that the GST Council has ‘only’ men on it and men don’t get periods.”

Another woman commented, “About 80 percent of the Indian women can’t afford proper menstrual hygiene.12 percent GST on sanitary napkins. 0 percent on sindoor, bangles and bindis. Do ask Mr Arun Jaitley why?

“Why luxury tax is levied on sanitary napkins! Only rich women bleed? Its high time we should know its an essential not luxury.”

This country is going nowhere this way by making it more difficult for women to survive.

tax on sanitary pads
Pic Courtesy : The Guardian

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No new law implemented for safety of women. Women have always been a sideline. Before educating women about social norms, we need to educate the country and the government about what we women want. In a country where some people who just learn to write and read their name are called literate. What can we expect here?

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