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public on triple talaq

The Muslim family affairs in India is governed by the Muslim Personal Law (Shariat). The Shariat is open to interpretation by the ulama (class of Muslim legal scholars). Triple Talaq is a form of divorce practiced in India, where a Muslim man can legally divorce his wife by pronouncing talaq three times. Recently, this has been the most debated topic in India when many Muslim women opposed it and some filed PIL in Supreme Court of India against the practice terming it as “regressive”.

Here are Indian people’s opinion on triple talaq:

Opinion on triple talaq

One major misconception that has seeped into the minds of people is the notion that Triple Talaq is actually an Islamic tradition. Which it is not. The practice of oral Talaq has not even been mentioned in the Quran. It is hence that a lot of Islamic theocracies in the world have already banned the practice. Although data suggests that divorce rate in Muslim families is just 0.5 percent, there is still need to evaluate the triple Talaq issue. Even if a single woman is getting an unfair deal because of this practice, it must be stopped. Having said that, the Muslim community becomes very defensive when the debate is turned on. Particularly because the process has been initiated by a political party which is known for its saffron nature. I believe that Muslim thinkers must come ahead to discuss and de-recognize this system. As for the debate, it has become extremely political.Ahmed Zain Anwar

Opinion on triple talaq

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When I read a news article about a husband divorcing his wife over WhatsApp by simply saying “Talaq Talaq Talaq”, I am compelled to ask myself if I am living in the 21st century or not. Such regressive laws are a blot on the very existence of Muslim women. They limit her existence to a mere someone who is without an identity of herself and is a commodity owned by her husband which can be left at any point in time. Such laws have no place in the current modern society. This selective implementation of the Sharia law is very convenient for those who just want to exploit the masses in the name of religion. This issue should not be given any communal colors because the very identity of Muslim women is in question here. There’s nothing religious about it.Agyaat

Opinion on triple talaq

As per Islam, Triple Talaq is supposed to proceed for 9 months. A person can’t just say three talaqs at the time. He has to say talaq to the person thrice in 9 months means. Each talaq after 3 months. This time gap is to ensure that if there is a change the individual’s mind, it could be corrected. For examples, if this was allowed in Islam, it wouldn’t have made any sense because a person in anger could unintentionally destroy the other person’s life by repetition of a word thrice. As per my opinion triple talaq is right but it should proceed in the proper Islamic way.  As per my opinion, such kind of a method to divorce is the worst thing that could happen to a woman.Khizar Afzal

Opinion on triple talaq

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My opinion on triple talaq is that the practice of triple talaq should be done away with. For a community that is already struggling with other issues, this will come as a positive step and would be a slap on the faces of mullahs and other fundamentalist bigots who propagate harassment of women through inciteful speeches at various community gatherings.Muzna Sayed

Opinion on triple talaq

Well, I think the plight of Muslim women is treated as nobody’s problem in this country. Politicians want to keep Muslim men happy because they’re a vote bank, so they do whatever it is to appease them, even if it means denying Muslim women basic dignity. And few Muslim men only care about keeping themselves in power. So nobody cares about how dehumanizing the triple talaq is to women? To be treated like a disposable, discarded with three words? Nobody. Nobody cares enough to help us change it – Raeesa Bukhary

Opinion on triple talaq

The thing with triple talaq is — it’s been going on for ages, and whether we’re fond of it or not, it’s a part of us now. I’ve had adults crib to me about being as pleasing of a wife as I could be because there’s nothing I can do about the “triple talaq”. The fact that a word “Kabul” can form a relationship no matter consciously or forcefully and the word “talaq” can end the same one, says a lot about the entire thing, eh? But it’s not the outrageous way of using two words is what I’m mad at. I’m mad at the fact that it’s only in the hand of men. I’m mad at the fact that we’ve not been allowed to just triple talaq our husband the next time he raises his hands to me for his own pleasure, we’re not allowed to triple talaq the times when he’s appreciated for having more than one wife, appreciated for external affairs but it’s fair, why? Cause Kabul. But then again, I’d rather not describe how it wrenches my gut to have this system practiced, I’d just end this with – it’s a part of our beautiful religion, Islam. – Shaima Hasim

These were some people’s opinion on Triple Talaq. What is Your Opinion on Triple Talaq? Let us know in the comments below.

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