People Need Your Help More Than Your Opinion


What do you see in most of the people today? Especially teenagers. Their eyes reflect confusion, their face depict stress and their speech is full of anger. We often diss them and consider this to be their attitude and tag it as a part of their character. Well, hold on. Before judging them and forming an opinion about them, so you wonder what kind of perplexity are they suffering?

We must analyse the situation before jumping to conclusions. We must try to dig up possibilities for the change we see in a person over time. If we are so quick at assuming things why can’t we wait to actually understand what the actual circumstances could be? No change occurs without a cause. Before We must realise that half seen, half heard and half known; all of them are harmful to us. Also, we must try to examine the entire situation and then draw an inference.

You must slowly attempt to know it, here are a few steps how:

1. You must communicate to the person. Talking builds the understanding. It does not only involve speaking to each other, but also sharing of different thoughts and opinions.

2. You must try to imagine yourself in the situation they are. When we think of ourselves we tend to know what would we do in that case and end up understanding the whole situation from a different perspective.

3. You should wait. You shouldn’t start talking about the problem right away. First, let them get comfortable with you. Generally, they feel that no one would know and understand the situation and so you need to create a space for them at first.

4. You should let them speak it all. Before you jump to advising, let them put the entire story in front of you. Often, we encounter that they speak entirely about one side of the story but then jump the other side much after they are over the first one.

Also, when we finally know what is happening, sometimes we go clueless about what to do next, how to help them now and what should be said to them. Well, always keep the following in mind.

1. It depends on the person. It’s all about how the person is, some need sympathy for help while some need to be piqued for recovery. Some need a hug while some require a slap. You must think and analyse what the person needs.

2. You must give them examples. You must make them realise that this phase won’t stay forever. Try to give them examples, and also try to make references that are familiar to them, maybe of someone they know because it makes them connect more easily.

3. You must help them see the path. Generally, people in such situations do not know what to do and feel there is no way out. You must begin with convincing them that there is a way out.

4. Let them know that only they can help themselves. Make sure they know that until and unless they don’t agree to put a step forward, no one can help them. You are indicating the way, walking is their job.

“They need your assistance more than your judgements.”

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Suchandana Patoa
I believe in experiences, and positivity attracts me. I believe in recording everything, memories, experiences, narratives, and feelings. This is maybe the reason I find solace in writing. My entire life I've been traveling across the country; I've been meeting new people, I've been listening to their stories and learning a lot from them. I live in the city that witnessed Bajirao and Mastani's love. While I love to explore different areas, I also admire the fact that people are so different yet so similar to each other. I believe everyone you meet has something to teach you.