Padman Story Is About A Man Who Designed His Own Menstrual Cycle

Padman Story
Padman Story

Padman Story

Majority of girls are still ashamed of the significant biological process their body goes through every month, Periods. Whom shall we credit this success? Society, which manipulates even before they experience it; or education system, which censored the truth of woman’s body. People believe this process as a problem. They do not understand that real problem starts where periods end. It not only affects the female body but also human race existence.

“Mouth spitting blood is a Problem.

Vagina spitting blood is Periods.”

This blog is not another story of women fighting against the taboo by unwrapping the newspaper around sanitary napkins. This is the story of ‘The Menstrual Man’ of India, who designed his own menstrual cycle to offer low-cost sanitary napkins to 80% of the female population of India who is deprived of it.

Arunachalam Muruganantham is the real inspiration behind ‘Padman’ movie of Akshay Kumar, whose superpower is his ‘Thoughtful work’. He is a notable social entrepreneur striving hard to provide hygienic menstrual cycle to women. His path was designed thorny by societal norms and people’s mindset. Although Akshaya’s movie will release on 26, January 2018 on the silver screen; you can read about his muse below.

Padman Story

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1. The journey began at home

Periods are the rocket science for more than half of male population. We do not blame them because most girls are no better. Yet Muruganantham understood this phenomenon and identified the need for low-cost sanitary pads. His journey began at home with a thought of providing sanitary pads to his wife, who was using dirty unhygienic rags.Padman Story

2. Step towards making

Where people are ashamed to buy napkins and feel uncomfortable hearing about them, he made the first pad using cotton and asked his wife to use; but received bad reviews. He tried to make better one and requested his wife and sister to use native pads, but they refused to continue using them after a few trials.

Padman Story

3. Literates were shy to give feedback

He learned that only 20% of the female population can afford sanitary pads and rest use cloth, rags and even sand or leaves. Now, his mission is no more a micro. He wanted to make low-cost sanitary napkins available to every woman. He approached female medical students to try out his indigenous product. Few refused and few were shy to give feedback.

Padman Story

4. Produced Artificial Periods – Menstrual Man

He decided to test his own product by creating a uterus for himself from a football bladder filled with goat’s blood. He used to cycle around which would squeeze blood in regular intervals on pad wore by him to test the absorption level of napkins. So, he produced artificial periods, making him ‘Menstrual Man’ of India.Padman Story

5. Was he a pervert?

Witnessing blood stained clothes and stinking smell spreading from him, neighbours started calling him a pervert. To change his behaviour, his wife left him and served a divorce notice. He stood strong on his path and played to accusations.Padman Story

6. 2 years of struggle

It took him two years to find out the required material and the journey to create the manufacturing machine extended to four and half years. He successfully created a low-cost machine to produce sanitary pads.Padman Story

7. First taste of success

He continued to struggle until opportunity knocked his door. Arunachalam was awarded first, National Innovation Award by Prathiba Patel for his machine.

Padman Story

8. Winner

Arunachalam sprouted as a winner in the life struggle. He relived the belief that nothing is impossible and worked to serve the noble cause. The well deserved Padma Shri landed in his hands for his selfless work to the woman welfare.

Padman Story

9. Appreciation

His years of work was acknowledged nationally and internationally. He influenced lives of many and this places him in 2014, Time magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the world.

Padman Story

10. Dream come true

Muruganantham’s low-cost sanitary pad making machines sold across India and internationally. He made 250 machines in 18 months sent to states in North – Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Uttar PradeshJayshree industries are established throughout India and Andaman Nicobar employing more than 21000 women.

Padman Story

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Arunachalam Muruganantham for sure touched the lives of many. His hardships passed through Prism, produced a rainbow of happiness. His Ted talks and interviews are the real doses of inspiration, presenting us an example of dedication and hard work. His journey bonded by emotion, rejection, success and a happy ending is a perfect Bollywood flick. We can surely say that Twinkle Khanna is presenting us a soulful and thoughtful movie of the real superhero. ‘Padman’.

Padman Story

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