O’Zone: People’s Opinion On Reservation System

public on reservation system

The reservation system is an age-old topic and not worth racking our brains, one might say. But, this is the first and foremost issue that’s filling huge thorns on India’s route to development. Once a boon to some, now a bane to many, Caste system is ruling a person’s life – good and bad.

Since this issue is termed “Never-ending” till there’s a certain kind of reform in the minds of common people, we’ve sought out the opinions of people on “Caste Reservation System in India.” We’ve arrived at both the good and the bad. Here it goes –

Reservation is a necessary evil –

“In an ideal India, if there were one such place, we would be judged by our ‘Merit’. I feel that the government has done enough till date in order to lift the fallen. Now, it would be better if it concentrated on creating an atmosphere of ‘Equality’. I’m sad to note that in the light of our Independence, we aren’t at all ‘Equal’. In the past, Reservation was introduced to uplift the downtrodden so that they can have better social and economic statuses.

Now, the scenario is entirely different. There are many people in the so-called backward castes who are living a prosperous and generous life. Then, why Reservation to them? I am NOT against this system but I’m down in the mouth whenever I realize the benefits of this system enjoyed by the undeserving. In short, it is a necessary evil. It creates additional violence across the country when used as a tool by caste leaders but is necessary because without that, the economic rise of India’s abject poor will be severely hampered.” – Sravya Gudla

I hope for a change, a big one –

“What I say to you now might not be anything you did not know. No Reservation system. Equal opportunities. Blah-blah-blah! Dr. B. R. Ambedkar was a great man. In those days, where Brahmins ruled the society and the other castes were treated as merely ‘untouchables’, he was the one to reform this society. But, alas! Is this what he wanted? You know what? Now the higher castes are being discriminated whereas the others enjoy privileges beyond thought. I shall purely talk about examinations and fee particulars.

An SC candidate with JEE Mains rank 1,00,000 is sitting in NIT and an OC (General) candidate with 40,000 JEE Mains rank is studying at a local college. Is it fair? How about we discuss the number of hours put in by the OC student to secure a seat in NIT? Where did all his hard-work vanish off to? Reservation system GOBBLED IT UP! At least, where life matters, this system is to be banned at all costs – in the field of education and in the field of government jobs. Bring in the merit, irrespective of their caste. Then and only then, India will bloom to a developed state.” – Swetha Chilukoti

Reservation system is needed for a few years –

“I’m through reservation just like I’m through with the pressure of Women issues we’ve faced till date. The main point is that whenever people say this system is misused or people who have caste reservation are well-off financially, they fail to realize that they’re only addressing the ‘Urban’ population. They don’t take into account the ‘Rural’ people. 80% of our country is still rural and it’s so very wrong to compare the quality of education in urban areas with that in rural areas. We, the city people can afford to study in a better college and opt for extra tuition.

The age of computer has long ago dawned but it’s still a foreign item to villagers. So, it’s ridiculous if we want equality between rural students and urban students. We simply say “Reservation ko hata dena chahiye!” without even looking back to think how the people without right resources can fight against and win over those with abundant opportunities. First, provide the quality resources and then ban reservation. It’s a fair fight at that point.

Why is this system creating such a ruckus?

The main problem – Limited number of good colleges like IIT or NIT; Limited number of Government jobs. You talk about merit but fail to address the ‘privileges’ like special tuition behind those meritorious marks. I’m solely talking about rural and urban discrimination here. Until the educational resources are equally distributed, I believe, Reservation should exist. Although it isn’t so pure, it helps people. No one, not you, not me, knows how complex this issue is or how handy it comes at times. So yeah. It’s good, for now.” – Mounica Sree Sai

It’s time for the Merit to shine –

“Let me set aside Sc, ST, BC, OBC and General categories. As far as I know, there are opportunities to weaker sections of this country. But, the magnitude of their utilization remains low because those people are still afraid to step forth. I won’t say our country isn’t biased. Unknowingly, we’ve set boundaries between the slums and the cities, the size of which is just a fraction. I believe that no matter how many centuries pass, this system won’t fade away. It’s constitution!

The deprived aren’t deprived anymore. It’s high time our country was reformed. It will take time. But, the end product will certainly be sweet. Hand in hand, if the economically plush people bring in the economically deficient people forward, there would be a place that’s only for merit. But, the question is, is this selflessness possible?” – Sunandha Chinthakayala

It’s a dangerous weapon –

“After nearly 70 years of Independence, I’m devastated that the scenario hasn’t changed much. The Rich are becoming richer and the Poor are becoming poorer. Reservation was initially a tool to bring about economic peace and stature equality to promote better living conditions. Now, it’s a controversy with no solution. How can there be one? I’m neutral when I talk about reservations yet deep down I wish for them to be absent. If it vanished abruptly, you know what’ll happen? An epidemic! An unsettling chaos!

India still stands below the poverty line. Once rich, now our country is poor. I don’t agree if anyone says we’re all good and going. Reservation should be aimed there. Right to the core. Not in Education system; not at all in political agendas. We’ve heard of many scandals involving political leaders who used caste system to get votes. Right now, the Kapu leader wants his caste to be under ‘OBC’ and not ‘OC’. The privileges once offered are now being dangerously misused.

If this continues, India will fall – hard at that; and it’ll take centuries to get back on its feet.” – Chalapathi Durgam

Reservations can never be diluted, Modi said –

“See, we are influenced by the people around us. And, we are surrounded by posh peers of all castes. I might be a poor General category candidate and my friend might be a rich SC candidate. Then, won’t I be angered by the opportunities he gets for no cost at all? I don’t even have fee reimbursement in my college just because I’m an Open Category student and am not eligible for applying. Yet, my rich friend is eligible. Hence, he gets richer. What about my economic background?

I think about myself and an SC candidate thinks about himself only. For us, the OC students, this system might be wrong in the light of our friends who don’t even need such luxuries from the government. Let’s delve deeper into the dark where the true ‘needy’ lie. Reservations are for them and they don’t even have the faintest idea on how to avail the services under this system. How pitiful the fate of our country is! These political leaders keep on introducing caste benefits yet never bother to guide illiterates towards the side of benefits.

Women reservation is present. As a man, I sometimes feel bad yet when I think of the days they were oppressed for even being born, I lose all my uncertainties. This system helped women a lot. They are now ruling instead of being ruled. They found their feet. But, this issue is a huge hurdle for aspiring students.

I wish to see a day, where students of all sections receive quality education and a fair platform where they can fight with their mental capabilities instead of their caste capabilities.” – Praveen Maddirala

Reservation is half a boon, half a bane. What is your take on Caste system in India? Especially in education. Drop in your comments!