7 Overrated Things In India People Need To Stop Obsessing Over

There is no dearth of things that are totally overrated in India. We Indians are inscrutable at times. It’s funny how we make a big deal out of everything. But while some of these things are understandable, a lot of them are silly and unnecessarily over-hyped in this country.  

What is overrating?

According to Google, overrating is a term used to describe something that gets more hype and credit than its actual worth.

This article lists out 8 totally overrated things in India that people need to stop obsessing over.

1. Guys with DSLR

I guess every group of friends out there have a person with DSLR who is termed as the official “Photographer” of the group.

Like really! Not every guy owning a DSLR is Dabboo Ratnani.

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2. iPhones 

Apple might have been a revolutionary company who brought great technology to the market but an iPhone is just a phone. If we see who has made the best fool out of people in last 3-4 years we can easily say it’s Apple. Size goes on increasing, and minor changes like camera and resolution take place.

After buying an iPhone it has become a mandatory ritual to post a status on Instagram, Facebook and other social sites “Yayy! Finally, got my new iPhone”

People are so crazy behind iPhones, I don’t understand why? Man, it’s just a phone!

3. Fairness Creams

The most racist and overrated thing in the market. Many of the well-known celebs are endorsing these brands. The producers of such things make a fool out of people so easily.

We all have often heard our aunties saying things like-

“Fair and lovely use krwao bitiya ko, rang bilkul saaf ho jayega.”
“Beta Fair and Lovely try toh karo, fir dekhna kitney rishtey aayenge.”

Like really! Will it get me Ranbir Kapoor’s marriage proposal? If yes, give it to me, aunty. Anyway, who cares. Dusky is the new sexy!

4. Reality shows

Reality shows are way too overrated in India. We guys are making a fool of ourselves with wide smiles on our faces by giving these shows TRPs.

There have been multiple shows that get far too much acclaim for their own good. These shows are fooling people in the name of showing reality on National television.

Shows like Bigg Boss, Splitsvilla and fear factor are totally biased and scripted. In front of the camera, you will find contestants fighting, demeaning and shouting at each other while behind the camera, the scene is entirely different.

5. Starbucks

“Starbucks is bae”

“Starbucks ki coffee toh bas mind blowing hai yaar”. You all have heard people saying these things often.

People nowadays are so addicted to Starbucks that they buy a normal coffee for 250 bucks and even for more.

Have you guys ever tried that “Tapri vali chai“? If not, then you should definitely try it once.

6. Engineering

If you belong to science background then you have been hearing this throughout your high school “Science li hai ab to engineering hi karoge/karogi” 

Not all students belonging to science stream do engineering!

7. Hookah

Hookah is swag man!

Most of the youngsters living in metropolitan cities are crazy for hookah and sheesha these days. For them, it’s a cool thing despite knowing the fact that hookah and sheesha are more dangerous than cigarettes.

For them, it’s a must thing if you wanna party and chill with your peeps.

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These were some of the most overrated things in India nowadays. If you have some more suggestions do let us know in the comment section below.