7 Things Any 90s Kid Can Remember Of Using Orkut

So we never had selfies or Instagram stories or Snapchat to share, still, we sounded cool with the social networking area, and all because of ORKUT.

A site that gave a new term to friendship and relationships and connectivities.

1. Childhood

In 9th grade when I saw the faces for 12 hours a day and then rushed back home pinging to a site called ORKUT and did chit-chat to the same faces back again, it was worth memorizing.

We had some fun in childhood, and we can say that to the 85s born.

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2. One Orkut away

Somewhere the connection was established when I overheard my elder siblings (the 80s gen) talk about how they met their own kind, after such a long time, with this newbie called ORKUT.

3. Are you on ORKUT?

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Blogging was a new baby born to the universe of social media. And scrapbook on ORKUT was the name people kept discussing. A new form of addiction was discovered.

Oh! well, we did have something to boast in front of people.

No comparison with the 21st-century kids. They have got Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and other social networking sites to boast about.

4. Peer pressure

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Today people are so familiar with every social networking site in the market, we the students of 90s faced a great challenge dealing with the sweet addiction of it.

“When are you planning to study?” I think, it was the most overrated question any student heard, as they kept their eyes focussed on something called Orkut.

5. Heart- attacks

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We had our own relationship status working site named Orkut. From the patch up stories to the breakup tragedies, all heard and gossiped here.

The question of the day:

How many of you fell in love through Orkut.

6. When people met people

The friendzone area of Orkut was very much appealing. Some new people across the world connected through it. Later, this possessed certain problems leading to the R.I.P status of ORKUT.

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7. Bring it on!

Gaming area was another highlight for the young adults back then, when Orkut connected people through a level of competition.


With a world full of struggles this was a breath of new entertainment.
Back then maintaining Scrapbooks and decorating the walls was the kids culture.
It sorted our connections and helped to find the lost ones,
A connection to the professional world gradually formed for once.
An expression of thanks for making our 90s so good,
with an apology included too.

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