An Open Letter from Introverts 2

Hey lovely people!

Once again I am here representing on behalf of all my introvert fellas.I would rather like to discuss here the problems we face in daily life

1. When People Misunderstand Our Silence For Ignorance

Sitting with your folks and then suddenly you realise an awkward silence where everyone is staring at you.

You wonder why?

It’s not your realisation dear, it’s simply that you are out of your daydreaming. This is mistaken by others as your disinterest and ignorance. But no people, we can’t chatter on for long without getting into our silence zone. Adding to it is the look we give to others making them think of themselves as stupid.

2. When We Are Compelled To Attend A Social Gathering

A family function is due for the weekend and you just can’t say ‘no’ unless you are gutsy enough in front of your parents. So finally you dress up,make your mind and go along. There, amongst the chatter you find yourself lost and in need of a silence zone. So you sit somewhere and there it’s people find you ‘anti social’ sort of.

3. Sometimes You Are Labelled To Be Egoistic

Each of my people have had definitely heard of being egoistic. Be it a new(specifically) school, college or a workplace one must have been addressed by this. Why? if it’s a new place with lot of unfamiliar faces who know nothing of us, consider our introvertic nature

4. Why Are You So Quiet?

We can’t stay at our homes everytime? As soon as we step out we are bombarded with so many questions by our dear ones. The favorite one being ‘why are you so quiet’. Others include like ‘are you sad’ or ‘depressed’. Just because we don’t like chatting everytime of irrelevant things doesn’t mean we are going through some mental illness. Its simply because we don’t like talking. We love our silence zone which is ‘the comfort zone’ for us

Apart from the problems we face, I wish to enlist some of our qualities too (no bragging)

1. We Are Excellent Listeners.Most of the extroverts or Ambiverts would agree to this.

2. We Prove To Be Trustworthy. Because we know how difficult it’s for someone to trust another person

3. We Are Good Observants. Many people are thankful to us for this. We observe each and everything. Someone’s got a new haircut. There we are to notice it. This proves to be helpful many a times.

Compiling it all this is our world and they are our people. Some may be introverts, some extroverts and others Ambiverts. Everyone should be patient enough to understand their counterparts, their friends, their families and even to acquaintances. This would definitely help in building a happy world.

Happy reading!

Suggestions are always welcome.

Ta Da until next time.

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