An Open Letter To My Best Friend’s Soulmate

To my best friend’s soulmate,

You might think I’m writing this out of insecurity (which I actually am, though) but honestly, it’s not all about that. I’m happy, rather more than just that, that you exist.

You make him happy, always. I’m finally free of a big responsibility to find him a girl with the potential to be his soulmate. I know I should have been the match maker here, but he did a pretty good job for himself.


We don’t talk much about you, but I see a different spark in his eyes whenever we do. You haven’t just light up his world, but mine too. Whenever I’m passing by the other room and I see him, he is lost in a world, not ours. He enjoys being lost, there, it seems. That world is yours and his.

Apart from this, there’s something of more relevance I’d like you to know. He was just 15 when he had his first break up. I am sure he would have cried all night; but certainly not more than me. He has been dear to me since the time he called me his “sister” and gave me a dairy milk chocolate. If anything goes wrong in the future (which inevitably, it will) and you’re not by his side, I’ll make sure you no longer live in his vicinity of reach. Just kidding, here. Fight with him as much as you love him. It’s important to keep your relationship spiced up.

He has been lonely, even when with me. But now, no more. I couldn’t drive out his loneliness, it’s a shame on me and yet I expect you to.

Introvert, as he is, he likes not to share stuff with me. IN FACT, I got to know about YOU, just a couple of months ago. Make sure he shares with you, minute things of his day. And share with him, everything, right or wrong. He is not a person who will judge you in any way.

In his dark brown eyes, there is something darker- fear. Of what? I’ll let you see that for your own.

Veritably, I’m shoving off my duties, a lot of them. But somehow, just somehow, I feel more burdened than free.

Anyway, impatiently waiting for the wedding month because that will be the last time I shop for him, I sing for him, and I plan for him.

Writing this early because it’s the last time that I’m still his priority.

With loads of love and expectations,

Your wedding planner.

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