16 Online Games To Play With Boyfriend

online games to play with boyfriend
online games to play with boyfriend

If you are a long-distance couple, or have just become one because of quarantine and are missing out on the fun, we can help you compensate for some of it. Relationships are so much about endless conversations, knowing each other better by the day, and having fun times together. There are so many times when you really don’t want to talk, or have nothing to say but enjoy each other’s company. And for that, we have handpicked the best of online games to play with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

We have a list ranging from action-filled online games to much simpler ones that you can play with your boyfriend or girlfriend anytime!

1. PUB-G

The first one has to be teaming up on PUBG as a duo and make it to the end, together. This game can be a great ice-breaker for many newbies out there! This also works if you’re single (a little better than those dating apps) and ready to mingle. Clash of Clans and Call of Duty fall in the same category too!

Online Games to play with Boyfriend

2. Words With Friends

Part of the #PlayApartTogether campaign, this online game lets you guys do the wordplay (quite literally) from miles apart. Keep it fun or get dirty at it, your call 😉

Online Games to play with Boyfriend

3. Quiz Up

The name says it all! Make it a productive day, testing your knowledge and learning new stuff. It’s too fun sometimes when you’re on call while playing and one of you answers out loud (sometimes the wrong one-deliberately).

Online Games to play with Boyfriend

4. Would You Rather

Online Games to play with Boyfriend

While you’re on call or texting each other, ask ‘would you rather’ questions which are readily available on the internet or as mobile applications. It is also fun to come up with your own questions! The answers are always going to be more revealing of the other person. Take turns answering and knowing each other!

5. Kill, Marry, Hook-up

Give each other three names, preferably of your mutual contacts to make it more fun and ask the other one to assign kill, marry and hook-up to each name! It’s super funny. Warning: Only do this if it won’t make things awkward henceforth.

6. Personal Trivia

Online Games to play with Boyfriend

You would know about the world, but what matters right now is how much do you know your partner. Ask each other crazy questions and have a laugh together. They are so simple, and yet so tough! Example: Do I have a mole on my back? You can play this over video-call, text or just voice call!

You can download one personal trivia app here.

7. What does this mean?

Online Games to play with Boyfriend

If you have ever played those silly (yes, I admit) emoji translation Whatsapp games, you have an idea what to do. Send out things you want to communicate via emojis and let your imaginations run wild while decoding them.

8. Let loose the poets

Online Games to play with Boyfriend

Start with a word and take turns saying out rhyming words. Things can turn flirty if you apply a bit of your brain. Don’t forget to set the loser a punishment, but mostly have fun!

9. Skribbl

Online Games to play with Boyfriend

It’s an online pictionary! One draws and the other guesses. It takes a hilarious turn when people suck at doodling (which most of the times is the case). One of our favourite online games to play with your partners.

10. Keep it Cool


A game of chess, ludo or snakes and ladders is always such a classic! You can never beat the sheer joy that comes with winning it.

11. Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic Tac Toe

If it’s been a tiring day and you have little time before dozing off, you guys can play a couple of rounds of Tic-Tac-Toe on the mobile app. If that downloading is a bit too much effort, just do it over video call!

12. BattleText


This mobile game requires users to link their Facebook accounts and play against each other whilst their vocabulary is built. It works just like Atlas works- the word starts with the last letter of the previous word.

13. Dots and Boxes

Dots and Boxes

Remember joining the dots to makes boxes with your initials in it, it’s the same game. The game sends you to a nostalgia trip if you were high school sweeties. Download the app and go on a winning spree!

14. Hangman


This classic game can be played on text simply, or you can download the app from your respective app stores. The kind of words you choose are going to set the mood so be mindful of that. *winks*

15. Table Tennis Touch

Online Games to play with Boyfriend

Bored of the board games and looking for something sporty? Download this game and play it with your significant other.

16. Miniclip and Pogo.com


You can always go back to these evergreen game websites which will offer you a plethora of multiplayer games.

These are little, effortless ways you can stay in touch with your boyfriend or girlfriend even when you have little to talk about. So what are you waiting for? Go play these online games with your boyfriend or girlfriend and have fun.

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