Ola, Uber Delhi Cab Strike: The reality check

Old Uber on strike in delhi. The reality check of Ola Uber Strike. What Ola Uber driver want. How People are managing without Ola Uber. When will Ola Uber drivers be back. Alternative options of Ola Uber. Read to get answers.

The cab strike of Uber and Ola which began on 10th February entered in its 8th day as the talks between government and SDAD came out with no result. This cab strike called by SDAD, which represents  over 1.5 lakh of drivers in Delhi NCR, has left a huge amount of Delhiwallas into  big hurdle as people are not able to find cabs during their work and office hours.

 What are the demands of Cabbies?

  • Rates to be increase from 6km/h to14 km/h of the cabs in prime section.
  • Increase fare for additional ride time charges from Rs 1 km/h and 1.5 km/h to Rs 2 km/h.
  • Relax the fine of 500, from the driver which denies duty.
  • Commission charge from companies to be reduced to 10 percent from 25 percent.
  • Waiting time charges to be increased.

Our reality Check.

We tried to check the reality of cab strike on the 8th day, since the strike has been called and got following results.

New Delhi Railway Station

The amount of cabs on the Ajmeri gate side of NDLS was quite low, Infact we only spotted a single cab in prime category. There were no cabs available in Micro and mini categories.


Hauz Khas Village

The condition was quite similar at Haus Khas Village, that too at the time when the
rush is at its peak in this one of the most happening part of the city. 10Pm is the peak hours for Delhi wallas to visit the restaurants and cafes, which are famous across the country for their different ambiance and the kind of audience they serve.


Connaught place

The heart of the city didn’t seem untouched from this cab strike though we spotted a mini in the inner circle. We had to wait for another 20mins to get another one.


Greater Kailash

This allied part of the city got only one prime cab in its share.


GIP Noida

The other part of NCR, Noida, almost seemed unaffected from this strike. There were cabs available in almost every category and that’s the advantage Noida walle always gets over Delhiwallahs.

Though the Black and Yellow taxis are benefitting a lot from these strikes but if you rely on cabs for most of the travel in NCR, you need to explore your options.
“Agla station rajeev chowk hai, Darwaje bayee taraf khulenge :D”