Parents often form a very integral part of our lives, especially in the Indian society.

Our beautiful culture imbibes within each of us the quality of having immense respect and love towards the relationships that ultimately bond us all into a strong family.

Both the mother and father play a very crucial role in the upbringing of their children. They each share the responsibilities & burdens that tag along from the time of inception of their family.

However, have you ever pondered about what it may be like for a single parent to shoulder the burden of two?

Well, if you’re clueless about it, then here are a few snippets from a person who has been bought up by a single parent.

Growing up, I was blessed enough to know what it was like to have been loved and cared for by two amazing individuals.

Whilst being a daddy’s girl, I was for sure the most pampered child amongst my siblings. But like all fairy tales that eventually end, I was in for a reality shock when I lost my father at the age of 14.

Boy, was that a hard phase! From being called:

Papa’s laadli beti“, I went on to become “Oh! Bechaari ladki, Ab kya hoga iska? Do badi behnen aur ek ghar me rehne waali Maa.

Thinking about those comments I was subjected to, still gives me the creeps.

What people failed to comprehend was that, I was blessed with a phenomenal mother. A mother who fought away grief that plagued her and stood tall and strong for her children.

With a mother like that, there was no looking back with lament at what was gone. There was only looking forward to shaping a bright future for ourselves. A future that would make our late father proud of us.

Though all the odds were against her, she bowled over life and circumstances to bestow upon us opportunities which had suddenly become bleak.

She left no stone unturned  in enabling us to receive the best of everything. Just like our counterparts!

From being the man of the house in rough times to becoming the loving, compassionate mother in our dark times. She shed one cape only to be donning another in the next second, becoming the ultimate superhero of all times!

Through all this, I learnt a few important lessons from my heroic mother, mentor and role model. They were to always Stay strong, stand tall and brace the obstacles that life threw at us head on.

The society that once pitied her, now looks up to her gaping  at her accomplishments, bravery and determination to not be put down by the blistering stereotypes and notions that aimed at pitting her as a helpless “naari“.

I thank you Mom for raising us as fierce, independent and educated women. You gave us the backbone and sheer determination to face life and its many trials without balking or being overshadowed by our fears.

So, next time you hear about a single mother. Don’t pity her but instead be proud of her. After all, she is a true superhero in disguise.

A loud  SHOUT OUT to and KUDOS, to all the single mothers out there! Being strong despite the adversities.

Continue what you’re doing, with your heads held high!

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