Number Of Jio Users In India Crosses 100 Million

We all have that one friend who is so broke that he never calls or texts (Yes! We all have that one friend) and if you are glad that you don’t have any, well then, probably you’re the one.

That used to be a scene of recent past but then came a Revolution – The Reliance Jio. A revolution so huge that those broke friends became the ones who cut the incoming call and call back. (*Tears of joy* :’))

India faced a huge number of people in cues in recent past. No, I’m not talking about the Demonetization but the one for which people were more than happy to stay in a line, ‘coz of course one can avoid the factor of staying under the sun on a hot humid day for changing their sim cards but it’s a big deal when it comes to their own country. (Yes! ‘Bhakt’ spotted)

Well, you might get different reasons on Jio’s website regarding ‘Why Jio?’ But the basic reality remains the same – Because it’s ‘free’ and come on we are Indians, we love everything free. Don’t we?

That was the scene when Jio was still setting up its supremacy in the telecom market but after months of providing free services which is going to end on the 31 of March, now when you’ll ask people ‘Why jio?’ the reasons might fell short though it will still remain the cheapest among its incumbents as suggested by Kunal Bajaj, Telecom Expert & Consultant

Number Of Jio Users Crosses 100 Million

And here comes the recent news – Jio thanks India on becoming the family of 100,000,000 and that too in mere 83 days. This has lead to a great fall in the profits of other telecom joints which used to rule the industry before Jio. With its entrance in the market, Jio has only made the lives of its rivals tougher.

“Jio has added 7 users every second after the date of their launch”,

-Mukesh Ambani

Making them the fastest telecom company to achieve this landmark.

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Jio’s New Tariff Plan

On 21st February 2017, Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) chairman and managing director Mukesh Ambani introduced a subsidised version of the initial tariff plan submitted by Jio with telecom authorities.Number of jio users in India

He also launched the Prime membership programme, a one-time scheme priced at Rs 99, where existing users get free unlimited voice calls, 30 GB data (1 GB per day), and a lot of Jio services until March 2018 at a monthly tariff of Rs 303.

The users can buy Prime membership throughout next month from 1st March to 31st March, 2017.

Though RIL chairman and managing director, Mukesh Ambani, has made sure in his speech that its tariff plans will always remain cheaper than its competitors, it’ll be interesting to watch how Jio manages to keep up with its speed and call lags that users have been facing recently. Because once we are paying for it we would not be tolerating such disturbances.

The full speech of Mr Ambani can be watched here