November Is For MEN Because Being A Man Is Not About Growing Beard And Mustache

International Men’s Day just got over and social media was buzzing with posts and memes. I noticed that most of these posts spoke about being a man and ‘Being a man’ is always attributed to being courageous and independent. Isn’t it time to overcome these stereotype? When are we going to stop telling a child not to cry because he is a boy?!

If you come to think of it, men and their ease of life are hyped. With girls wishing they’d born a boy to be able to do certain things, to escape restrictions and parents who show a stark difference in raising a girl child from raising a boy child, the societal mentality is messed up. Though nowadays, we can observe nascent changes in this, we still need to go a long way in breaking these conventions.

It is okay for a guy to want an emotional support, it is okay to cry, it is okay to be scared of the dark, it is okay to be beauty conscious – it doesn’t make you any less of a man. Don’t let the abstract definition of a man hide who you are. It is okay to be who you are without letting the society define you, in fact, that is ‘being a man‘!

Men’s day also stresses about the fact that men need the right amount of care and pampering.

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Creating awareness among women, conducting campaigns to educate about their health and hygiene, breast cancer awareness campaigns and marathons, all these are happening almost all around the year. Somehow it is always women who get extra attention when it comes to health routines.

This month is devoted to men. Acknowledging issues like suicide among men, mental issues, testicular cancer, prostate cancer and giving them that extra attention, educating them about health issues which are not taken as seriously as they are supposed to be.

To raise awareness in a unique way, No Shave November and Movember came into the picture.

No Shave November

The entire concept of “No Shave November” raised as a cancer awareness campaign wherein participants embrace hair growth that cancer patients lose and forego trimming and shaving to donate the money saved to aid cancer patients and spread knowledge about this deadly disease.


Movember” is a similar initiative that encourages mustache growth in the month of November to raise awareness on men’s health issues.

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Let us spread the word far and wide!

And finally, it is okay if that beard and mustache does not grow dense like a forest, that doesn’t make you any less of a man. Every day is Happy Men’s Day 🙂

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