You Want Your Child To Get Quality Education? Don’t Send Him To A Private School Then

Blackness behind the White Collar Cons. 

Are you facing the tough decision between sending your child to a top private middle school or private high school, or sending them to the local public school? Here’s what you need to know about the truth behind private schools. When we talk about private schools and institutions, most people consider only the positive aspects and either neglect or deny the negative aspects. Following are some shortcomings of private institutions:

● Financial Drawbacks
 The cost of attending a private high school or middle school is higher than attending a public one. Some private schools charge a lot of tuition fees and prescribe books from a particular private publisher. These books cost as much as three times as the equivalent NCERT textbooks. Because of the profit earned, such schools deny using NCERT textbooks by providing all reasonable and unreasonable excuses. Some schools keep changing the uniforms each year or two to strengthen their monetary system.

● Difficult To Get In

It’s true that because of fewer students the student-to-teacher ratio is low which enables better communication, interaction and bonding between students and teachers. Because of this there are parents who want their kids to be admitted to these schools. But in order to maintain this low ratio, such schools design special entrance tests which are generally passed by not many students, making it difficult to get in.

● Biased

Since these schools aren’t regulated by the state there is increased inequality as the school has the right to deny any student as per the qualifications laid down by it. Also private schools mostly filter their students and prefer those from elite groups.

● Limited Educational Range

it’s true that private school curriculam are usually more focused on specialized topics (like the creative arts) that prepare students for careers and higher education in a chosen field, facilitating employment to their students from their 20’s. But this very reason limits their subjects resulting in confined education.

● Lack Of Social Cohesion:

Most private schools have specific focuses based on religion, economy or academic level creating less diversity for students. This restricts cultural and value exchange which takes place at a greater range in public schools.

Like a coin, everything has two faces. The positive and the negative face. Acknowledging the positive face is easy and instinctive. However, being ignorant about the negative face is generally our natural predisposition. There are many dimensions where private schools are competent to a great extent but that does not necessarily make them the best.

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